bullet journal // your life organizer


→ I’m struggling with lots of works and lists. I don’t even know how but I’m pretty sure I found this while watching Youtube videos. It’s a notebook system that could organize your whole entire life without spending hundred of dollars. It’s a bullet journal system, created by a brilliant man named Ryder Carrol. It helps you to organize your life with any notebook of your choice. It’s a proof that we don’t need a pricey planner to keep up with an organized life. You also could customize it to fit with your style.

I bet that you’re interested in learning more about this. Click on these links ☻

L         I         N         K          S

website : http://bulletjournal.com/
official video : https://youtu.be/fm15cmYU0IM

Y          O         U         R            G         U         I        D        E

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