diy flower decoration // guest post

What’s up guys! Salma Athirah is in the blog, yo! Today I am going to show you guys how to make a beautiful flower made of a paper towel roll! It is so easy. You can collect as many paper towel roll and make all of it at the same time!!! there are tons of ways to decorate it such as spray paint, glitter, stickers, and much more! but before we get to decorating, we must know how to make it. Am I right? So Let’s Get Started~

1- Take a paper towel roll and flatten it out. Then its not going to look like a paper towel roll anymore. Well, almost…but had been flatten. Before flatten it, you can spray paint it or paint it to add a little splash of color to your flower!

2- Mark using a pencil measuring 1.5 cm. If you want to make it the basic way which has 5 petals, mark it 10 times like this:


3-  Then cut along the 10 lines that you have mark. It should look like a flower petal. You can sand the edges smooth using a nail file to make it look neater. Then divide it into two groups. A group should have 5 petals (obviously LOL).

4- Take the first group and fold the petal-shape paper towel roll in half and it will look like a double-leaf shape. It should look like this:


5- Then glue all the pieces together. The first group which is the petal shape will be the inside flower petals. And the leaf group (its not going to be leaf though) will be the outside flower this..


6- Yeah! Decorating! My idea on decorating it is put a dot of glue and spread it on a smooth surface. Then dab the flower and you can see the glue has stick to the flower edges. Do the same thing to glitter. So you have a glittery flower!

To present it, you can add a ribbon or any type of string to hang your flower up or you could just stick it to the wall. Be creative by making it more than 5 petals! And You’re Done! Bye!! Wait! before you leave, make sure you like, comment, and share it to your beloved ones. Now Bye!

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