The smiley thumb award


Huge thanks to Cathie611 from TweenDreams for nominating me! Don’t forget to check out Cathie’s blog and follow if you aren’t already!


  • Use the picture above in your post
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and put a link to their blog
  • Tell us what makes you smile
  • Nominate other bloggers to do this award. How may is up to you

Things that make me smile!

  • Blogging! Idk, I can’t leave WordPress for a day! I just can’t… I love reading feedback from my followers about my latest post and it really makes me happy. Yes, I probably don’t post but I check WordPress every single day!
  • Make everyone smile! Yeah, I’ll choose a person for the day. Example, my mom and I’ll make a gift for her or I help her to clean the house!
  • Play games with my brothers! Yeah, I love to play with my little brother. I usually play Uno, Monopoly, sports and Xbox games.
  • Chat with my friends on Hangout! I love to chat with Minso,Sarah,Athena,Yehoru,Kat.S and much more!
  • Watch Nigahiga! He was the funniest guy in the world! I love all his videos! No wonder he has over 17 million subscribers!
  • Cats. Cats are the cutest pet in the world! I also have one! It is named Shiro. Oops, sorry for the dog lover….XD
  • Happiness. Everyone smile because of happiness. I believe everyone agrees with me. Happiness equals smile! Happiness came from family and friends! They all are important to make me happy.
  • Crafting! Yeah.. I love crafting.. Crafting makes me smile!

I nominate..

Minso ( fantage diamond)



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