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→ Oh, hi!

Farah Edzua is the name given to a procrastinator queen, an introvert, weird [or nicely called as unique] and a sarcastic teenage girl which is me ツ

Yea, yea. Coffe is supposed to be spelled as coffee. I know that, donut worry. It is not a mistake. It is not an error. Lots of people tend to think that it is a typo issue but actually, I did it on purpose which is temporarily secret for a moment [I’ll tell you in one of my posts. So, follow meh if you’re curious to know hehehe]

No joke, I posted anything that I found interesting in any perspective. So, the topic would be a complete unexpectable 😉

Remember, life is too short to be unhappy. That’s why,






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  1. Hey, I took a look at your blog and I really love it. ❤ You know what – I'm the 100th follower. 😀 I like your blog's style. If you want, check out my blog too. I would love to see you hanging around. xoxo, Lora

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  2. Hiya Colleen > I see you’re a mate of Robert’s so I thought I’d drop by and check your space out. Its good to be able to blog about what you want. I feel I’m restricted by the nature of my blog when I want to write about something completely different. I like your submarine coming out of the coffee. If you like pandas then check this one out though this panda is the most intimidating animal I’ve ever seen ha ha Right >>> off to have a nose around. Have a good un 🙂 Andy

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  3. I spell coffee 커피 and it sounds like cappe. I love all things Asian -especially Korean. I am actually writing a novel that is circled around a girl that specializes in Pandas. I love pandas and I see you must like them too.

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  4. I love your name and the colors and the drawing of the girl wearing glasses with her coffee! All of it is so very cute! I wish you all the best with your blog! I really do. It’s so fun to share your knowledge and adventures with the blog world. Here, you can learn, share, and smile; how cool is that?! Take care and keep blogging! Koko:)

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    1. Sorry for the late reply! Firstly, I already visited your blog! It’s awesome and you want to interview me? cool! I already checked your blog but I can’t find any of posts that talking about interviewing people. Maybe it just me 😂


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  5. Shania

    Hi Farah!I was wondering what font and how did you make the welcome sign above?I already know how you incorporated the picture into the font,but I just don’t know what font you used!


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    1. Shania! Aww, thank you! Someone actually noticed that!!!!! Hahhaha, yes! You’re too! You’re halfway 100 followers! I think that I want to make a competition or challenges… But I don’t know yet though

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  7. Being a coffe(e) addict, currently I am just jealous of that coffee cup in your hand. I can’t say no more when I am jealous.

    But, one thing I can say is that you have a nice blog. Pretty (neat actually, contrary to my room). 😛

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