How to get more followers

Hey there! For today, we’ll learn about how to get more followers. As a blogger, I understand your problem. It’s not that easy to gain followers. Well, it easier now! Don’t worry about it because I’m here to help you.

1 | Blog design

Yeah, it was an important thing because it will be your viewer’s first impression of your blog. When your viewers clicked on your URL and the viewers will decide either want to stay or close your blog tab. So that’s why it was important. Maybe this could help you with that.


2 | Content

For some reasons, content was extremely IMPORTANT because that was the point where your viewers will choose either want to follow you or not. Try to keep your post to be at least 30 words. I don’t know why but for me to keep your post long enough is important. It looks even more professional (for me). You also need to make sure that your post was interesting. Logically, no one will follow people who post crap things.

Mini Tips : Make sure you love every single post you make. For me, if I don’t like a post that takes hours to make, I’ll simply delete or edit until I like it. Yeah, I’m such a perfectionist person 😅

3 | Try to post regularly

Try to post daily. Sometimes people can’t post for a day or two and that’s okay. Don’t post twice a month. Try to keep your blog updated. If you can’t post for a week or more, maybe you could make sort of a guest post season but you’ll need to arrange them early.

4 | Make a welcome post

That would be awesome if you have one.  Tell people what are your blog about. If you feel motivated or something, try to make a blog trailer. Yeah, it will take hours to make but I think it worth it. I already make one but I removed it because I don’t like it that much. I use powerpoint to design. Since I’m using Mac, I screen recording the powerpoint slides and edit it on IMovie.Finally, upload it on YouTube. Yeah, we can try to save the powerpoint slides as a video and edit on iMovie and upload it on Youtube but Youtube can’t process it.

5 | Share your blog

You have everything and now you just need to introduce your blog. Try to find blogs that have an advertising page and ask the owner to put yours! Follow others and stay active. Like and comment on people blogs. You also could make a social media and share it there!

Hope you found this helpful. That’s all I have for now! If you have any suggestion for the next class, comment it down below and I definitely will make a post about it.



32 thoughts on “How to get more followers

    1. If I be you, I will find someone else who can post at least once for three or five days. If they aren’t active, why are they there? You’re hiring someone to help you updated your blog and they hardly post. hmm..


    1. Thank you!
      OMG! I’ve been searching for school related blog for so long! Thanks for sharing your blog!
      Do you have a hangout account? (if you have a gmail account, you have one)
      Maybe we could talk or discuss a collaboration or something?

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