Questinous // 2

I have a question for you

Why are you following my blog? 

Well, if you’re one of The Girl With Coffe’ community, please comment down below why are you following? Just for fun? because I follow you? Just give me the honest answer! That’s help. Oh, if you have any question that you want to ask me, comment it down below and I’ll definitely include your question in the next questinous.


42 thoughts on “Questinous // 2

  1. I enjoy following people who blog like I do. Personal blogs are a snapshot of someones life. Every post is hearing them speak to the world. Making connections with people is also something I do for a living so this is kind of an extension of that. Plus I am a nice person, so.

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  2. SalmaAthirah

    You are my very best friend! I know you are the friend that will always be there with me whenever I needed since the first time I saw you. I wanna show you some appreciation by following you. Well..I know it is not enough by just following you to return your favor. I am just a regular human. If I am not your bestie anyway, I would totally follow you! Thank you for your sacrifices and your honesty and your kindness and you are AWESOME! you are an awesome blogger too! Please forgive me. I hope our friendship last long. THANK YOU, FRIEND!!

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  3. I followed u because ur my inspiration and ur creativity explodes everyday like no other blog does. And that ur a kind, loyal, funny, honest Friend. sure, we haven’t met in real life but it feels like it in ur blog. Ur helping me gain followers for a beginner. giving advice i haven’t seen in other blogs. Ur very generous.😊And ur blog is Golden🌟 Ur Blog is Special. Inshallah (hope to god) ull have a greatest accomplishment for ur hard work🙃 Thank You. For being ur true self. and letting nothing stop u. 😘😘 ~Shuhd 🙃🙂

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    Okay, excuse the caps. I’ve literally just found your blog and checking out every post I can find and commenting, because I love it so much.

    Firstly, your graphics!!!! IN LOVE!!! ❤
    And secondly, you. You are such an honest. bubbly and 'coffee-ish' person! You're so original and YOU.
    Thirdly, because your content is just AMAZING! I haven't skimmed a word of your posts because they're so fun to read…
    So, that's why I'm following, no other reason!
    P.S Sorry for the long comment and filling up all your comment pages! 😀

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    You’re too awesome, girl. I love your posts. Your posts are entertaining and they are random which makes me waiting for your new post with a big curiousity in my mind. Trying to figure out what is your next post’s topic. Sometimes it could be about ghosts, helpful stuff, about your thought, youtubers and so much more. You got a new fan, Farah 😉


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