being a big sister


I’m back with a post *finally* I have an exciting news, I’m going to be a big sister! I forgot to tell you guys about this. I’m so excited for this. Although a lot of people saying that when you have a baby in your house, your life will be a complete mess but I don’t care. Actually, my mom already pregnant Falisha 7 month now. 2 months to go! Oh well, I need to prepare for the baby’s room. Since I love to design things, my mom ask me to handle it. She gonna bring me to the mall to buy the baby court and so much more! I have no ideas what actually I should put in the room except baby court.


41 thoughts on “being a big sister

  1. zoe2600

    You’ll love her until she’s about 8, then they turn into brats, actually I think my sister always was, if you have an age difference of about a year, or then about 8 or 9 years she should be okay

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  2. SalmaAthirah

    Congratulations! I am sooooooo happy for you. You are a caring person. I am sure your little sister will love and adore you! just like I do! and all your followers! right, guys?

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  3. Oh, congratulations!!! 😀 That’s SOOO cool! 🙂 😀 Mom said it was because of my two older sisters that I was born, because she watched them pray together at night that they could have a little sister! 🙂 😀 I’m the youngest, and my older sibs are GREAT! 😀 🙂 Congratulations again, that’s SO neat, and I’m sure that you’ll be a great sister!

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