The Fan just eat me!


Okay, hey guys. I just back from the clinic. Seriously I’m in a pain. Not just a regular pain, it seriously make me cry.  Oh, and I ask my neighbor to type this post because I can’t type. My hand is currently wrapped.

I accidentally put my hand in the fan. Luckily, my fingers don’t break off. Maybe because I immediately get out my hand out of the fan right after it touch the blade. While waiting to arrive, my little brother said ” What happen to your finger? Is it because of NINJA?” I don’t even know where the word ‘ninja’ came from. It seriously make me laugh very hard but I can’t move or the blood on my hand will go all over the car. I can’t show you the picture because some of the viewers will definitely cringe.

p.s I finally reached 223 followers. Thanks for all of your support. I really appreciate it ❤


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