The Blogger Recognition Award

Blog Recognition Award

Hey guys! Huge thanks to Alexandrina Elle from Cahlming Soul for nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Don’t forget to check out her blog because she awesome. Move on to the rules. 

The Rules~

-Write a post to show your award
-Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
-Give a brief history of why you started blogging
-Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
-Nominate a maximum of fifteen people for the award and tell them you have nominated them

Why I started blogging~

On 20 May 2016, it all begin with BlogSpot blog. A couple weeks later, I completely lost hope on blogging because I don’t receive any feedback. Finally, I moved to WordPress on 20 June 2016 . I still remember I started blogging because of my niece. She said that I definitely need to start blogging because I love to share things that I found interesting with people and I thought why not? It would be fun and now I’m here. I have a full story >here<

Advice for new bloggers~

1.  Try to post every single day. People want to see more from you since you’re new.

2.Make sure you love what you post. For me, if I spent hours on the post but I don’t like it, I will simply delete or edit until I satisfied with it.


My nominees~




Jo Smith








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