What happens if I’m a boy?


So yeah, if I born as a boy, the world definitely will be super interesting. Oh well, maybe it is because my little brother will have a big brother like he imagines but my mom will no longer have a daughter that always beside her wherever she was. My blog also will never exist in WordPress community or if boy me made a blog, it probably about his ‘weird’ life and yet, interesting. My cat also will never exist in my family because I’m the ones who wanted a cat as a pet.  I always wanted a cat when I’m just a little kid and I’m feeling so grateful to have a cute cat now. Oh, my friend also will never meet me.

What do you think if you born as a different gender from you now?


10 thoughts on “What happens if I’m a boy?

  1. So many things would be different if I were a male…One huge thing would be I wouldn’t have my kids. And I am thankful for them. And so many lives would be different if I were a male…my husband would be a different person had he not met me. He too wouldn’t have the kids he has either! Hahahaha….I am happy being me.

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  2. Well, my Dear Farah, …Never thought of that question earlier, so might take quite a long time to reflect on that and answer. …But You have written about this in a Very interesting way. Nice reading. Breathless. Kudos and All the Best. Give us more of such things.

    Frankly, I am giving You a follow because Your’s is worth it, Yet, let me tell You that I am SO short of time (and Energy!) that I visit Only those blogs and bloggers who have ‘commented’ on mine! You will understand when You see that very frequently I post two articles (300 words plus!) on my blog, write on Facebook, Twitter AND do Political work!

    Love and Regards. 🙂

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