If you were born with superpowers tag

if you

☞ Hey guys☻Yes, this is a random tag where we share what superpower would we choose if we were born as a superhuman. No rules. Stick with the superhero theme and don’t make this as your own. Give the link to my blog and the most important thing, make sure that you have fun!

If I were born as a superhuman, I definitely will choose to have a time travel power. I could rewind the past and explore the future. It means that I could fix my mistakes. On the exam, I also learn from my past mistakes and write the right answers. I could meet Monalisa directly and say hi. And I could save Christina Grimmie. I also could see the dinosaur directly from my eyes and experience the moment. And become a millionaire because the government paid me to made a research and discover the past. 

I could explore the future. I’ll know how is the technology in the future. I could know if the flying car in the movies will actually exist. Is my friend is actually a friend. Every random questions in my head will be answered if I were born with a time travel power.

I tag Kitty, Koko, Ellie,Sarah,Zoe,Béline Océane, BlondeWatermelon, SeaStar, Pixey, Najida,Briar, Cathie, Haru, Lora ,Mangos, Blizz99, Mahjabeen, TrainOfThought,little Purple.Mage, JoSmith, Joyce, MissPiggy and everyone who reading this.


36 thoughts on “If you were born with superpowers tag

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