I hate darkness


Hey guys! I’m FarahEdz and seriously, I HATE darkness. I believe last night? My house electricity went out at 12:00AM and seriously, I’m freaking scared. I can’t see anything! I can’t grab my phone for the flashlight because duh, I followed the life hacks for getting up from the bed thingy and put my phone all the way to the corner of my room. If I wake up from the bed and try to find my phone, I probably will get some injury because I have a lot of sharp things in my room. Since I sleep near the window,I take a look and I can see all of my house area electricity went out too! I became panic and tried to scream for my mom or even my brother. Everyone just keeps quiet and doesn’t say anything.

I can hear some noises that making me want to cry because I heard a girl crying right beside me.Without wasting any time, I jumped from my bed and ran all the way to my mom’s room. I knocked the door and my mom wasn’t there. I believe she already at the downstair for more torchlight and some candle because she doesn’t follow the stupid life hack and simply grab the phone beside her.

I cried and I heard some noises from my brother’s room. I don’t know how I forgot about my brother and I ran to my brother’s room. You might be confused because it’s dark and I can run without any injury or fall. I don’t actually run, my room is near with my mom’s room and my mom’s room is near with my brother’s room. That’s why I can run like crazy in darkness. Back to the story.

I knocked my brother’s room door and I notice it wasn’t my brother. I scream loudly and try to find some torch light. Luckily, I found one and I went all the way to the hallway to find my mom and of course, my brother. I tried to find them in the dinner room, television area, and finally, I found them in the kitchen. Like I expect, they trying to find some torchlight and candle. I spoke to them what’s happening to me and stuff and then, the electricity finally back to normal.

I just standing there and think, what was in my room. Is it really a ghost? I trauma and slept at my mom’s room. I woke up and write this post!  The moral of the story is DON’T FOLLOW THE LIFE HACKS. Yes, it helpful if you want to wake up right on time but what happens if your house electricity went off and it really dark? Do you want to experience what I experience last night?




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