public situation that I hate


☞  Hey guys

ⓐ Crying

Have you been in the situation where you were currently with your family, eating at a restaurant and a kid break the happy situation with their very loud voice? Imagine if you’re having a dinner with your couple. Everything goes well until a baby crying loudly. You’ll definitely feel very mad, aren’t you? The same goes to me.

ⓑ Public Toilet

I was currently having fun with my family but then, I feel wanna go to the toilet and we go to the public toilet nearby. I actually want to ignore my feeling right after my dad said “Okay, then. We’ll go to the PUBLIC TOILET nearby”

The public toilet is dirty. I don’t know why people are so gross. They’re so selfish and don’t care about other people. They leave the tissue paper all over the place. I also can see some of them didn’t flush the toilet. It really disgusting. The floor also has lots of mud. Some of the toilets are actually pretty clean, and the others were horrible.

Yeah, I don’t know that you actually can relate with this. If you have other public situations that you hate, share with others in the comment section below!


16 thoughts on “public situation that I hate

  1. Ok This might be stupid but when im in a restaurant And it was my birthday. They gave me a Brownie with melted Fudge cand Ice cream. I was Like 😱😱. So Excited! Then the Waiter just left……I was Looking at my family. And giving them the EYE. Then i stayed silent. My dad said “So? Are u gonna make a wish?” I said “Ok ok. Let me Get this straight. So THIS restaurant is a 5 Star Rating and i didnt even get a SONG?!” I was Fierce! I finally get a song with my name on it!🙊 Then My dad shruged and my mom did too. So i just sang the song in my head really quickly and blew the candles out. Man, Who Rated that Restaurant? Then i said “I WILL GET REVENGE” my parents laughed😂👌🏻 That was pretty funny to see my reaction. But then my parents said we are goin to disneyLand🙈💓😍 And i was like “Pfft…😬I wasnt mad at allll” 😂😂

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