Thoughts when I was a child


missed the moment where we are playing with our friends at the park 


☞  Hey guysI have a weird thought when I was a kid. If I throwback everything, most of the thoughts are dumb and hilarious.

 ➊ The moon is following me

I’m sure you guys have your own imagination,right? and mine actually pretty weird. I believe, when I was literally 4-6 years old, I was currently in the car with my family for dinner at the restaurant. I look through the window and saw the moon keep following our car. As a kid, I thought the moon was following us. I asked my parents to wait for the moon. My parent just laughing at me. At first, I thought they were acting like a jerk because I’m telling them the important thing but they are laughing at me. When I’m older, I’m ashamed of myself.

➋ Ghosts

Have you ever feel afraid of putting your hand outside your blanket when you was in the bed, trying to sleep? I’m the girl who feel that and Cherry also felt the same feeling like me because we were afraid of someone will grab our hand. You know, kids. Always have the hilarious thought in their mind.

That’s all I have for today. Hope you can relate with this. Comment your thought down below and see ya


18 thoughts on “Thoughts when I was a child

  1. Yes I did feel same way when I was young. I always wondered why the moon was everywhere, even when we travelled out of state, and I would tell my parents that the moon travelled with us, I actually felt we were special for the moon to have taken so much interest in us😀😀

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  2. i didn’t think the moon was following me, I thought the sun was. To be honest, when my dad said it was a ball of fire, I thought it was waiting for the right day to burn me up. Weirdly, I was scared of the sun 🙂

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  3. lemonadeletter

    Same. I always wanted my feet covered with the blanket when I fell asleep cuz I thought someone would grab them otherwise. 😅 I had to close the blinds on my window every night too. The stuff we’re afraid of as kids 😂

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