How to be RAINBOW


I think rainbow spirit are conquering my mind. I’m in love with rainbow and colorful. I found lots of rainbow (related stuff ) today and I think my heart and brain already full with rainbow spirit. I guess I can’t stop myself from acting ‘rainbow’ until I made a post about. rainbow house

To be a rainbow person, you definitely need to be surrounded by colorful goods. Almost all of your furniture and your personal belonging needs to have the color of red, orange, yellow etc.  Paint your house with the rainbow color to let people know that you already obsessed with the rainbow.

rainbow pancakes

You must have a rainbow diet. All of your food must have the rainbow color. You want to be a rainbow human, right? It means that your life must be RAINBOW. Don’t worry, I have the recipe with me, just for you. Just watched these video.

W  A  T  E  R  : 

F   O  O  D : 

Now, your clothes. IT MUST BE RAINBOW. Try to find some rainbow or colourful clothes. You can buy it on eBay or Amazon. You also could diy it. There’s a ton of tutorial on YouTube. Most of them are really easy. Don’t forget your hair. You also need to dye your hair. Make it colourful like the picture above. Probably your friends will be impressed with you because you really serious with your obsession.

Make sure you remember,


Enjoy your life, be grateful with what you have and please, smile. Haha, this is just a joke. I don’t recommend you to follow all of these steps or else, people will actually call you crazy and you’ll need to live in the mental hospital. Comment your thought or anything and hope you enjoy this weird post. That’s all I have for today and hope you have a “rainbow” day!




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