☞  Hey guys We reached 300 followers! Thank you for all of your supports. I’m shocked because I didn’t expect that we can go this far. I’ll remember all of you forever because you guys are really amazing. You guys are my inspiration to continue being a blogger.

To celebrate this huge achievement, I’ve created an event called CustoBlog. Basically, I will separate peoples into groups. Each group will only have 5 members. All of your members need to customize a blog given to make it pretty and ready to use. I only give 5 days to customize the blog. I will judge the blog based on the overall look. I suggest you make a header, blog icon, edit the sidebar and background. For an extra mark, make a welcome post, try to add blog posts and edit the about and contact pages. Treat the blog like your own blog!

If you’re interested and want to join,

  • Comment down below your email and your blog URL or email it to with the subject named CustoBlog entry

and that’s it but you must follow these rules

  • Have a Hangout account

Basically, it is an online chat that created by Google. You can go to this link and create an account if you don’t have one. Then, searched up “Farah Edzua” in the search bar. My name will be the only one there. A rectangular box will be popped out and replace “let’s chat on Hangout” with your blog URL, email and make sure you include “CustoBlog” in it. Each group will have a hangout group because you’ll discuss and contact with other members through it.

  • Have your own blog

The event will be started on 12 September 2016 which means if you want to join this competition, make sure you joined before 11 September 2016 and it will be ended on 16 September 2016. The winner will be announced 2 days later. Anyone can join this. It doesn’t matter if you’re bad at designing.Because from here, you could improve your designing skills by learning from the other members.

I heard you. You’re currently thinking about what are the prize, aren’t you? Don’t worry, here it goes :

Each person in the group that win . . 

  • will be advertised on my sidebar for a month
  • will get my BIGGEST secret – how I increase my followers like for real


One person will be chosen to get an Amazon eGift card 

That’s all! What are you waiting for?




73 thoughts on “Shockingly.

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    1. Yeay! Thanks for participating! Do you have Hangout Account? because I sent you the Hangout chat request and your username is unknown. Thankkkkkssssssss! Hey, 200 is awesome too! People who only got 50-100 will be said the same thing like you! It doesn’t matter if you bad or anything at designing but the most important is you can improve your designing skills after this challenge ended. Yup, do your best! and you’ll know my biggest secret of how I gain my followers. It’s not a tips or anything like my last post about it. It’s different and ridiculous but still, it’s works!

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