the similarity between cat and woman ♀


☞  Hey guys

ⓐ They have the longest ‘grooming’ routine

I have a lot of proof that girl has the longest time to prepare themselves. Girls need to make sure that their outfit is perfect for the day. Girls need to complete their skin care routine and girls also spent a lot of their time with makeup.The same goes for the cat, they always lick their fur repeatedly to make sure it was clean.

ⓑ Mood swings

It always happens to me when I was playing with my cat. At first, he seems relax when I’m holding and pampering him. Then, he suddenly feels mad and hurts me using his sharp nail, just like a girl. When they’re in their period, they will be mad at almost everything. They also will be really emotional. Their mood will change every single minute.

ⓒ Begging-STALKING

Sometimes cats will beg for food and treats from us, right? And they just following us until they get what they wish. Just like a stalker. For some girls, if they like something/someone and they wanted it, they will follow and note every single feature of it.

example: a beautiful designer dress. They will search for who make it and how much is the price.

That’s all I have for today post. Hope you enjoy reading this. Oh, the last paragraph is written by Salma Athirah. She has a blog about craft since she obsessed with it. Be sure to give her a follow! Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya


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