anyone here wants to hunt a ghost?


Hey guys and today we gonna talk about ghosts. Haha, it’s not that creepy or spooky. We just gonna talk about how to hunt a ghost.This will probably helpful for those who want to meet the ghost.  Anyways, here are ways of how to hunt a ghost or meet one.


  • The MidNight Man

It is a game for you to play with the ghost. I repeat “play with the ghosts”.

warning : It will make your life in danger

ⓐ You just need to wait until midnight. Write your name on a piece of paper and drop a few drops of your blood. Things get creepy when it comes to blood. Then, attach the paper to a door. Turn off all the lights and knock the door 22 times. Why 22 times? I don’t know. Open the door and blow out the candle. Then, close the door back.  Oh yeah, you need to prepare a candle with a flame. Congratulation, you invited a ghost named Midnight Man in your house.

ⓑ You need to make sure that you’re safe and away from the ghost. Otherwise, you’ll die. You need to make sure that you’re holding candle all the time and don’t let the candle blow out or you’re in danger. The game will end on 03:33 am.


  • Baby Blue

Baby blue has a connection with an urban legend called Bloody Mary.

ⓐ To play this game, you will need a bathroom that has a mirror. Wait until the sun is gone (night) and walk into your bathroom. Switch off the light and lock yourself in the bathroom too 😉  Then, say “Baby Blue” and repeat it over and over while facing the mirror.

ⓑ Your hand will feel like you’re holding something heavy and it means that the Baby Blue has finally arrived. Now, you need to throw away the baby into the toilet bowl and flush it with waters or you’ll see a shadow of a woman screaming towards you. When that happens, say goodbye to yourself because you’ll die.


  • Devil Face

This game is great for those people who want to see the devil’s face.

ⓐ You need to do this with yourself and no one else or you will be possessed by those demons. You just need to lock yourself in the bathroom and turn on 12 black candles in it. Close your eyes until the midnight in front of the mirror and you’ll see the face of the devil. I didn’t recommend you guys to do this because trust me, it really dangerous.

That’s all I have for today post. Guys, if you try these out,  I don’t have any responsible if anything happens to you. Hope you found this helpful. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya


21 thoughts on “anyone here wants to hunt a ghost?

      1. I am living in Iran and as you know most of us are Muslims and we truly believe in elf (as I have seen them once, that was horrible ) because in our prophet book, Quran, God said about elfs and where they live, how they are and …and I can evoke them but it’s really dangerous !!

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