Make your own social media icons

Hey there! 

Today, we gonna learn “how to make your own social media icons”. I always wanted a social media icons on my sidebar and I tried searched it up on Google that matched my theme. None of them is matched. They’re all horrible. Since then, I tried to make my own. That way, they’ll be as pretty or crazy as I want it to be. If you’re interested in learning more about this, scroll down for the tutorial.

We gonna use PicMonkey for today since it really easy to use and yet, they’ve got a variety of shape and stuff. If you still don’t know what actually PicMonkey is ; Basically, it’s an online photo editor that allowed you to design and edit your picture. Click >here<

Once you’re on the website, click on the design and then, click on square. It’ll bring you to another page of their website. Click on the transparent canvas for the canvas color section. Make sure you click apply after you make any changes unless you are uploading picture. Now, click on the butterfly icon or also know as overlays and click on geometric. Find the shape of a circle and increase the size.







After that, you can change the color of the circle and I chose dark teal since it was my blog’s color theme. Once you have done that, click on this icon below your canvas.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-38-34-am  It’ll make the circle stay in place. Now you need to add the logo of the social media that you want. For me, I chose to make the Instagram icon first. You’ll need to find the logo on google and make sure that it was a transparent background picture or also known as PNG. Find the ones you want and I suggest you to find a black or white logo if you want to change the color of it later. Save it to your computer and upload it to the PicMonkey website. Just click on the butterfly icon and click on “add you own”. For now, here’s what mine turns out.


I kinda like the final result so I leave it as it is. Now, I need to save it to my computer and change the logo to the logo of Google+ and Pinterest. Here are the results of those three icons.

Now, we need to apply this on our sidebar with the link to the social media. Go to mysites and click on customize ( right after themes ). Then, click on widgets and then, sidebar. That’ll bring you to a bunch of widgets that you already have on your sidebar. Click add a widget and click on images. Copy the URL of the icons by uploading it on somewhere on the internet, but for me, I chose to upload it on my google+ account and paste it in the Image URL. For the link URL ; which means your social media link for your icon. Paste your social media URL in that blank. Repeat if you want to make it more than one and click save. You’re finally done!

Hope you found this helpful. Comment down below your thought or anything and see ya!







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