tips to get up early from bed without the grumpy face


☞  Hey guysI always waking up with a tired and grumpy face. It is becoming a habit, a bad habit but I’m glad that I’ve found the solution.

△ Have a quality sleep

It’s a must to have a sleep. You need to sleep early in order to have a good quality of sleep. I can’t describe it more because it’s too simple.

ⓐ no lights
– No lights are allowed when you’re sleeping. It has its own reason.

ⓑ no caffeine
– Don’t ever dare to drink caffeine 8 hours before bed. I’d coffee once ( 1 hours before I sleep ) and I swear to myself to not repeat it again. I can’t even close my eyes and tomorrow, is an examination day.

△Talk to yourself

Before you sleep, think about what will you do in the next day. Things that excites you the most. Maybe it could be

ⓐ reading
ⓑ craft
ⓒ check the feedbacks of your post that you wrote

Trust me, it will encourage you to wake up from the bed.

△Make yourself awake

By that, you could do things that will wake you even more.

ⓐ drink a glass of water
– drink water before you brush your teeth. It’s for a good reason ( yeah, i forgot )
ⓑ exercise / yoga
– do a yoga. If you’re not familiar with it, you could refer to a youtube video.
– you also could have a session of walking. Walk downstairs, upstairs, through the room etc.
ⓒ drink coffee
– it helps you to wake up your eyes
-make sure that you drink plain water before you drink the coffee. It’s for your health.

That’s all I have for today tips. Hope you found this helpful. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya


21 thoughts on “tips to get up early from bed without the grumpy face

  1. The cat = me on Monday mornings!

    Another tip you forgot was not going on devices or looking at digital screen 2 HOURS before bed, so you can get good sleep. This si because the blue light given off by phones, laptops, etc tricks your brain into thinking it’s time to be awake (daylight) and you don’t get as good sleep!

    Great tips!

    Liked by 1 person

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