how churros actually tastes?


☞  Hey guys☻  I’m on the road and I saw a shop named Churrox. With a high level of curiosity, I take a visit to see what is in the inside. Surprisingly (nope, it is not ) they are selling churros! I bought a box of them and it is my first time eating churros.

◎ appearance

It is attractive. These have a variety of flavor. We also could choose what we want to put on our churros. That’s great for those who have an unusual taste ( like me ) So far, it looks fab. Nothing wrong with the appearance. It looks nice but not enough to give 5 stars.

◎ taste

It is so good! It is crunchy on the outside while the inside is soft as cotton. I love it. It tastes amazing without any flavor on top. You could add flavor to it but I prefer to eat it alone.

◎ affordable

It’s RM5 each box. It is cheap if I turn it into US dollar. But It’s expensive for those who want to save their money. It’s okay to eat it once a month (maybe) but It’s not worth it to buy it everyday.  I suggest you try it out if you haven’t yet.

Overall, I suggest you try it out if you haven’t yet.

☞ That’s  it. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and I seriously appreciate it.


23 thoughts on “how churros actually tastes?

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