say goodbye to the bad breath


☞  Hey guys☻It annoys me when the person has a bad breath and honestly, I don’t want to be that person. Anyone don’t want to be that person. I’m afraid if I don’t realize it. The struggles are real.

▩ Drink water with lemon or lime

Clearly, lemon helps because it is the effective way. It is natural too.
-Put half of the lemon into your drinking water. It will be getting bitter if you leave it for a long time.
Tips: If you want your lemon water to last longer, simply peel off the zest.

▩ Use Listerine

You could use any mouthwash but I prefer Listerine. Mainly because of the brand. I suggest you bring the travel size of mouthwash wherever you go. It becomes really handy for an emergency.

▩ Tongue

You need to scrape your tongue. I admit, I’d never did that before and I’m sure that most of you don’t.  It will decrease the bacteria ( that create the bad odor )
– Use spoon or tongue scraper to scrape those things out ( eww )

☞ That’s all I have for you. I hope these helps you out for your bad breath problem. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya


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