GirlsGeneration REVIEW


☞  Hey guys☻ Anyone here ever heard about GirlsGeneration before? I never heard of them before even though they’re actually quite popular in my country. I searched up on Google about them and I read the Wikipedia page. They said that GirlsGeneration is a group of singers from Korea and they’ve been awarded for soo many awards!

I kinda feel a little left out. People are talking about this and sing their songs. Now, I want to take the opportunity to get to know more about them.


Here is one of the music video by them. It’s quite old. It was published on 2011 but still, it doesn’t look outdated.

ⓐ The beats are so cool
– it has the positive vibes. I can’t help myself from stop listening! It makes me so happy.

ⓑ They are so cute
– have I said that? Again, they are so cute. They are perfection without any blemishes and dark spot. They have the same skin as those dolls! And their hair, are goals! They have the kawaii, cute, hello kitty vibes!

ⓒ They are a dancer
– most of the kpop groups are a professional dancer! As you can see from their music video, none of them are plain without any dancing slots! That made Kpop different than other genres of music.

“B-Bring the boys out”
I seriously can’t get out that sentence out of my mind. It keeps playing. 

☞ Do you love K-Pop? Do you ever heard about K-Pop before? If yes, can you give me a suggestion of singer from Korea?  Do you enjoy the post?
That’s all I have for now. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya


42 thoughts on “GirlsGeneration REVIEW

  1. enyiie

    OMG SNSD 😀
    Which country do you live in btw?
    My favourite Korean band is VIXX hehe check them out they have creepy/dark themed MVs and concepts (not sure if you’re into that kind of stuff but its really unique and different)

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      1. enyiie

        Hahah “Girl’s Generation” translated into Korean is “So Nyuh Shi Dae” hence SNSD. Ooohh so you’re from Malaysia? No wonder you reply so fast – since the time difference isn’t much (I’m from Australia) 😀 Anyway have fun listening to kpop!!

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      2. Oooh, thanks for the information! Yup, I’m from Malaysia. Oooh, Australia! Yeah, the time zones are not that different. Oh yeah, I will! I currently explore more about K-Pop and stuff xD


  2. Omg I clicked on this post right away since I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the whole day for no reason (like it’s been more than two months since I listened). YES GIRLS GENERATION IS AMAZING. THE ARE AMAZING. They should win more awards. They are super talented and beautiful. The only bad thing is that I think most of them went through plastic surgery (I mean pretty much a huge change) except Yoona. Listen to Gee. xD

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  3. Yesss kpop always has the sickest beats 🙂
    One thing worth correcting is that all groups under SM Entertainment (including Girls Generation) lip sync when performing live.
    My faves are BTS and Blackpink. I used to stan EXO before they kinda fell apart.


      1. Okay I was kinda exaggerating when I said they fell apart 😛 There was a period where some members were filing lawsuits against the company and they eventually left. The rest of the group seems fine now though 🙂


      1. Liz

        They’re really good. They have all worked really hard. I hate when Onces (Twice fans) are like “Omg Twice is the Nation’s girl group now. F*ck SNSD”. SNSD will always be the Nation’s girl group, they seriously are the reason that all of these rookie gg are accepted as they are today.

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