Why I don’t wear makeup that often


☞  Hey guys☻ Trust me, I often go anywhere around the city with a bare face. It’s a true story. For those who in love with makeup and stuff, I do love it but I don’t usually wear it. Don’t misunderstand with the statement.

➊ It is a waste of time

It’s not surprising at all since you know I’m a lazy person. I feel like wearing makeup is wasting my time. I can go with a bare face with a total one minute to prepare myself but if I wear makeup, I will spend almost an hour long. Just to touch up the imperfection.

➋ Uncomfortable

I usually feel uncomfortable and weird when I’m wearing makeup. People looking at me and that will make me finding a mirror ( or any object that reflect my face ) to make sure that my makeup is still under control. It annoys me when my eyeshadow is falling off or smudge. Yes, I admit that I’m not wearing primer.

☞ That’s it for today post. Keep in mind, I do love makeup but for some reasons, I don’t usually wear them. I know, my thoughts are so irrelevant. Do you wear makeup? If no, why? Do have the same feelings like me? Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya


46 thoughts on “Why I don’t wear makeup that often

  1. I wear makeup every day apart from weekends and it’s become a habit. I wear it because I feel it gives me confidence and if I think I look good then it’s one less thing to worry about. I guess someone people can live without it haha. For me, makeup has become a nessecity.

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  2. SalmaAthirah

    Hahahaha! Yeah, I have the same feeling as you. And, I think makeup is a big mistake. You see, people wear makeup cause they think it will make them prettier, like, yeah. But when the makeup’s off their face, you can see why I said that. Okay, the point what I’m saying is makeup only damage their face. But still, I love the makeup cause it look awesome in their packaging. Oh, LOL…

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  3. lemonadeletter

    I wear makeup, probably a lot more than I need to, but idk. I like messing around with colors and powder and eyeliner and all that stuff. ;p Besides, it makes me feel pretty. The only downside now is that I’m kind of dependent on my makeup. I don’t like to go out in public without some makeup on. And it’s really hard to feel pretty without makeup now. Hate to bring the sad cloud over… Anyway, not wearing makeup is awesome, too, and hey, if you’re comfortable like that, that’s amazing. You’ve got something over me. 😉

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  4. I wear makeup every day, except on the weekends. However, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, just enough to enhance my look and make me look alive. I think it is great that you do not wear makeup often. I am so immune to it that I feel naked without it. It is all about what you like for you, and if you like what you are doing, then keep doing you! It is very time consuming as well.

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    1. Thank you!
      Of course, I will! I’ve checked your “how to cover up blemishes” post and I SERIOUSLY NEEDED THEM since my acne are getting worse.But unfortunately, I don’t have a green concealer. Do you have any alternative?


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