When I ‘m trying to draw


Hey guys. I just finished my drawing. Seriously, it has been a long time since I draw. The end result is quite weird. Especially the hat. Do anyone here have any critique? I want to improve my drawing skills.It is drawn traditionally. Anyone here want to ask me any request? I may or not do it and sorry if it looks bad.



34 thoughts on “When I ‘m trying to draw

  1. It probably looks weird to you because you haven’t drawn for a while, but I can tell you it does not look weird. I don’t draw, so I may not have a constructive criticism but I say if you continue you would get to the stage where it doesn’t look weird to you. I like it.


    1. Really? It really looks weird to me and I’m shocked when you say that it does not look weird. Okay, I will keep your tips in my mind and tell you when I think my drawing doesn’t look weird again. Thanks Esther!

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