Things that I do once the exams are over

→ Hey guysツ  I’m so happy right now. Firstly because I reached 400 followers (thank you guys!)  and my final and important exams are over. Since the 2 months of school break are begin, I decided to list up the things that I would do to avoid any time wasted.


  • Do a movie marathon

This is a must. To be honest, I missed the moments where I watched a ton of movies in a day. Exams are stressful and watching movies could make me feel better. Anyone here has movie suggestions for me?

  • Try a variety of style and looks

When it’s school day, I wear the exact same outfits every day since I don’t have enough time to choose. When the exams are over, I’m free and have a lot of times to be wasted. I will watch a ton of style videos and try it out. New hairstyle and actually wear makeup on a regular day. I gotta learn more about that.

  • Try a variety of DIY and hacks

Like for real, I literally just watch the DIY and hacks youtube videos and to be honest, I’d never tried them before since I’m too busy to think about that kind of stuff. Well, here’s my time to shine and craft a lot more.

  • Make a bucket list

Hey, the school are over and I must do something memorable😛  Accomplish something that I always wanted and finish the list before the school starts. So then, when you flash back what you are doing in the holidays, you actually have something that you do than sleeping the whole day and watching youtube videos.

→ We are at the end of the list.  Congrats for those who are actually reading. I greatly appreciate it. Have any suggestions for the upcoming posts? Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya


29 thoughts on “Things that I do once the exams are over

      1. Horror?? 😵😵😵
        I can’t!
        I mean, I can watch Vampire Diaries, and stuff like that, I don’t even think they are even referred to as horror. But films that are outrightly scary? Hell no!

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      2. Haha,For me, Horror movies is the best!!
        I didn’t get scared or scream while the movie is playing but after the movie, I will keep asking people to accompany me to go almost anywhere!😂😂

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  1. Yay, no school! I’ve got a week left of real school, but unfortunately exams don’t finish until December. I would love to see your bucket list! And if you find some easy diys I’d love to find some new ones to try, that’s one of my things I want to do when exams are over 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on the followers! If you want to do some movie marathon, I’d suggest Star Wars. Especially when they are releasing the new one on December. So, time to refresh all those moment, if you are interested that is. 😀

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  3. Shania

    Congrats on 400 followers!!!I really loved this post,since my quarter exams just finished!I would suggest Sucide Squad(PG-13)or Finding Dory(PG) and The Secret Life of Pets(PG).I also don’t mean to be rude,but I think tonne is spelled ton.Other than that,Gr8 post!


  4. Congrats! 😀 Yes, I would love to know about your DIY-Projects! 😉 And here are some movies for you:
    – Mavericks (it’s a surfer movie, but i just love it!)
    – The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    – Pompeji
    Maybe you are interested in one of them 😉 Have a wonderful time!

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  5. Congratulations for your number. ❤ 🙂
    You might have already seen these movies, but if not, you can include following in your movie marathon-
    – Hachiko.
    – Gone girl.
    – Pursuit of Happyness.
    – Million Dollar baby.
    – Freedom writers.

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