Mosquitoes are annoying

→ Hey guysツ I always have a struggle with a tiny mosquito. Sometimes the mosquito can make me scream like a weirdo in front of peoples. To be honest, mosquitoes is the most annoying bug.  I believe you’ll state the same thing if you ever saw a mosquito before.


  • They leave a red mark that itchy on your skin 

That is the most reason why I hate them. If they are messing with me and doesn’t leave a single mark or anything, that’s fine but they’re! They leave a big red spot on my skin. I’d those on my face before and it’s not as pretty as you think. It looks similar as pimples. Also, the spots are ITCHY.

Note : Be careful if your blood type is A. 

  • Messing with my body 

It’s not fun. They fly around you and make annoying voices on your ears. You know they are near you but you can’t see them. If you’re trying to smash them, they will disappear for a couple seconds but then, they will come back and disturb your life.


→ To be honest, I have a lot more but then, this post will be so long if I wrote everything. Anyone here has the same thoughts as me? Hope I’m not the only one. You have any other reasons that related to mosquitoes? Comment it down below and see ya.


25 thoughts on “Mosquitoes are annoying

  1. I guess almost everyone of us can relate to this mishap that keeps happening with the mosquitoes.
    They are small, irritating and always annoying.

    a. The blog looks great. I thought the blog name was The girl with coffe, no? Or am I forgetting things again?

    b. The current one is cute. I don’t know whether it could be more cuter than this? If it can, sure and go ahead.

    c. Sela, I think. But then again there are million themes and choosing the best one is always hard for me.

    Great post, btw. :0

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      1. – That sounds fair enough. So, I am guessing you would be dressing up as a black cat or something similar? 😛
        – Umm, both look good. I am not sure which one is better. 😦
        – Sels is usually preferred if you are getting your own website. It is easier to edit and all.
        My pleasure. 🙂


  2. AHH! I hate mosquitoes. I literally get massive itch bumps on my arm EVERY summer because of them 😛

    I love your new theme. I like Sela but i think it’s overused. Nearly every blog uses it so it’s nice to be a bit different. I had 2016 theme like a week ago (before I switched to Nucleare). I like 2016 but Nucleare is a bit more spacious and clean. I wouldn’t go with Sela but 2016 is nice but I LOVE how nuclear looks on your blog.
    I love the new temporary name. At first, I thought, when did I follow this blog? Then I realised it was yours.

    I think this b/w theme is wonderful. I love the new header image but I have some feedback:

    -I love the flowers in your header image, but maybe you could add something to do with coffee instead of flowers?
    – Your favicon is still pink, are you going to match it with black and white?
    – You have a lot of pages and they look a little cluttered in Nucleare. Maybe cosider taking away ‘Book’ or ‘Tumblr Pic’ from your menu and display them as categories or custom menus in your widgets/sidebar? Things with only one thing i

    n the dropdown.

    Anyways, these are JUST suggestions! I love your blog how it is!! It’s pretty and wonderful and fun! You don’t have to change it or anything, because your blog is AMAZING!!!

    GOOD JOB!!!!!

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    1. Yeah, I know right!!
      -So true. 2016 is nice but I guess, nucleare is perfect. Firstly because there’s no line between the widget.
      -Hahha, I already changed the name back to the normal.
      -Thank you and feedback is always open for me. Yeah, I could try to replace the flowers with coffee related thing. That would be nice since my blog main theme is coffee.
      -Oh yeah, I forgot to change it. Thanks for reminding me about that. Yes, I will going to change it to match with the current color.
      -I would consider that.That’s true. I need to delete some of the pages because it looks a little cluttered.
      Thank you for your suggestions!! You’re the best!! Thank you!!!

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