Everything You Need To Know About Graphic Design ( A Collab with the awesome MAHRIYA)

Hey guys!

For today, I have a special guest who is also a good friend of mine! She is Mahriya @MyBookishLife. Check out her blog because she’s such a talented blogger!! 

Today, we are doing a reviews of a bunch of websites that offer  graphic/custom designs. From the websites that require money and the ones that offer it  for free. We also have a bunch of tips and tricks for bloggers to have a good-looking blog 😀

Mahriya: Hi, Farah! Thanks so much for agreeing to this awesome collab!

Farah: Hi, Mahriya! How could I possibly not agree? It’s more than awesome 😀

Mahriya: Let’s get started then, shall we!

 Fantage Chatter!

Fantage Chatter is a WordPress blog which offers custom design. She designs favicons, header images and more for free.

1. How good is her graphic design?

Mahriya: Her design is good. I was quite happy with it! I mean look at the colours and the font!  The only thing I would have liked is if it was to do with books? I would I have loved that.

Here’s one she made for me:

Farah: Her latest design is better  than her older ones! She loves to try a different combination of colours and fonts which are great!  I love the way she used the backgrounds! There’s nothing wrong with her designing skills 😀

2. How fast is their delivery?

Mahriya: It was  approximately 3 weeks. There was no specific time frame, she did it when she could, which was fine with me. What do you think about 3 weeks?

Farah: I don’t think it’s actually matters but to be honest, for me 3 weeks is way too long 🙂

3. Is there method of delivery efficient?

Mahriya: Fantage Chatter uploads your header image into a blog post. Unfortunately, I wasn’t notified that she had uploaded it.I had to check myself.Also, I don’t like it that much it’s uploaded onto the blog. This is because anyone can download it. Its nice to own your designs? What do you think about her method of delivery, Farah?

Farah: Posting the headers is probably the easiest way for her to send the request!  Yes, I do think the same thing! But I don’t think that people would do that such of thing since they could literally order them from her 🙂 

4. Are they friendly and open for any requests for changes?

Mahriya: She was very friendly in terms of when I was asking her about my design. She told me she would design it when she had an idea. She didn’t offer changes but I’m sure she’d be happy to,if I had asked.

Farah: Of course, she’s friendly and so nice 😀 I took a look at her older posts and I can see that she would be love to make any changes if you have any!  

5. Have they taken into consideration your requests?

Mahriya: Well, I filled in her contact form for this. I think she did follow most of my requests which I’m happy about!

Farah: Yeah, most of the time but sometimes, she does like to use her own inspiration and creativity when designing 😉 

Overall Rating


The Girl With Coffe’

If you didn’t know, the blog you’re reading right now offers graphic design for anything from a disclaimer image to your whole blog. Have your header image revamped or have yourself a stylish favicon for your blog. ALL FOR FREE!

1. How good is their graphic design?

Mahriya: I love Farah’s design. They’re exactly what you sign up for. A few surprises here and there and one beautiful design. She uses the best graphics and extravagant fonts. What do you think about your designs, Farah? 😀  I mean how can you not love this:


Farah: I need to improve my designing skills. I’m still learning to improve the way I design graphics. There’s a lot of knowledge that I need to explore and learn!

2. How fast is their delivery?

Mahriya: Very fast.I can almost count on it to be done within the week. And if she’s busy, she’ll tell you that she is and gets to work on it as soon as she can! How do you do it so quickly Farah?

Farah: If I get a graphic design request, I become excited and happy! I will start right after I read the detail of the requests! Every time I complete people’s requests, I feel like I’ve learnt new things and have improved my skills!

3. Is there the method of delivery efficient?

Mahriya:Farah does it by email which I’m so thankful for. She sends it, attached to the email which is easy to download and use for your blog.

Farah: Yes, that’s the way I do it. That’s the easiest way for me to send it! 😀

4. Are they friendly and open for any requests for changes?

Mahriya: Yes, I wanted changes in my design and she made them ASAP!  I’m so grateful! Do you find it annoying to change it?

Farah: Of course, not! 

5. Have they taken into consideration your requests?

Mahriya:Yes, of course. Sometimes, like in my header, I would the ‘theme’ part to be implemented more such as more ‘bookish’ things and designs in it.

Farah: I would do anything they requested me to do. I always wanted the best for my clients! 😉 

Overall Rating!



Janie @ The Blog Of All Things Lovely

The Blog Of All Things Lovely is up for graphic design requests (signatures,header images,blog buttons) ALL for free!

1. How good is their graphic design?

Mahriya: It’s fairly good. There are many elements, colours, designs. I think her designs are so cute and friendly! They’re not sophisticated but if you’re looking for something bubbly and pretty, then her blog is amazing!

Farah: For real, there’s nothing wrong with it. I love the way she keeps her graphics simple and cute! 

Mahriya: I LOVE this!

Farah: OMG, It looks soo good! Janie is seriously talented.


2. How fast is their delivery?

Mahriya: Very fast. She’ll do it as soon as she can, which I love!  

Farah: Yeah, she managed to finish the requests within 48 hours 😀 which is really awesome!

3. Is there method of delivery efficient (email, blog post?)

Mahriya: It’s efficient. Because she uploads it to one page, it’s much more easier to find and she notifies you straight away via comment. Yes, others can dowload it but you are notified and she uploads onto the same page so it’s easy to find.

Farah: As I said before, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s easy for people to access and download their graphics!! 🙂 

4. Are they friendly and open for any requests for changes?

Mahriya: Extremely friendly and polite and willing to make any changes you need.I asked her to remove my flowers from my blog button and it was done almost immediately! She didn’t take any offence and was happy to do so.  

Farah: Yeah, I can see that she’s so polite and nice!!!  Especially when you want her to make any changes, she will do it immediately, as Mahriya said.

5. Have they taken into consideration your requests?

Mahriya:Yes! She’s open for any guidelines or ready to surprise you!

Farah: Totally agree!

Overall Rating!




Blogger’s Memo Pad(BMP) designs ready-made blogs perfect for beginners or if you want a re-vamp. We are currently looking for more designers or people to contribute but we have already created our first blog: https://meltedbooks.wordpress.com/

She offers a whole blog re-vamp. Prices are quite high but she is a professional designer.

Artic books offers graphic designs for a low cost. Her designs are very good so be sure to check her out!

I don’t directly offer custom design but if you would really like to, I wouldn’t mind. Just fill in my contact form.

She designs free headers and buttons and her designs are quite good.



Looking for good graphics to make your designs complete? Here’s a short list!

Need help with designing? Marianne @ Designyourownblog.com has some great tips just for YOU!



Use fonts that are easy to read across any devices

This is really important. We don’t want our viewers didn’t read our posts mainly because we used the fonts that are hard to read. It’s nice to have fancy texts but your body text should be readable.

Keep it consistent

Try using the same fonts, colours and logos throughout your blog.e.g All my featured images for my posts have the same template!

Choose a colour palette

No-one wants blog to be messed up with a ton of different colours. Having a colour palette can be so helpful to keep in-line with your theme. It also helps your blog to look more attractive and memorable.

Don’t make it too bright or hard on the eyes.

For real, I literally get a headaches if a blog has a lot of neon colors. It makes my eyes go crazy!  

Use recommended image sizes for your header image!

If it’s too big or too small, it’ll look awkward. WordPress will usually tell you what the image size is so go with that!  

Don’t have too many pages, keep it simple and uncluttered!

If you have too many pages, try replacing them with categories in your sidebar. Try having ‘About’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Home’ and then a few of your own, keep it simple.

TOP TIP: Pages at the beginning or at the end of your menu tend to get more traffic and views.

Don’t have too many things in your sidebar… Less is MORE!

Keep it simple. Have a mini bio, popular posts etc… Try getting rid of ‘recent comments’ because they’re not useful: no-one clicks on them.Social Media and Search bars are great too!

Archives and Categories are great but widgets such as ‘tag cloud’ is something you want to avoid. We don’t want the sidebar to be way too long than the posts itself.

Choose a responsive theme

‘Responsive’ means that its easy to navigate on any device (phone, tablet etc…) Most themes are ‘responsive’ but be sure to check!

Be creative, be you!

Don’t copy other blogs just because they are more popular. Taking inspiration is fine, but be sure to let your personality shine through in your design!

Mahriya: Wow, that took a lot of hard work. Hope all of you guys enjoy. IF you liked this post, check out my blog, you’ll love it! Also Thanks so much,Farah, that was an AMAZING collab, don’t you think?

Farah: Yeah! I had so much fun working with you!

Mahriya: So did I! It was an amazing opportunity and it was so much fun!

Farah:  I hope that we could have a collab again soon!

DO you know any good places for graphic design? How did you come up with YOUR design? Do you think the blog design is important? Did we miss out any important tips?  Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya 🙂 



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      1. Yes i thought it was helpful (but i dont really need a header at the moment) for people who are looking for a good designer to design there blogs. You should add tags so if people are searching for somebody to design there header, they can just search it up and your results will come up. Maybe you could include how active they are too with the headers

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  4. BRAVO!
    Honestly, this deserves “THE MOST HELPFUL POST AWARD” if the word is actually exist.
    I’m new to this blogosphere and I believe this post help me so much.
    (p.s Thanks for the graphics that you made for me)

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