pen pineapple apple pen // my thoughts


☞ Hey guys☻There’s a video that got a huge attention at my school. Everybody is talking and gossiping about ppap. Basically, P.P.A.P is Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.


Ⓐ The video is weird. 

-There’s  a man wearing a cheetah print outfit singing pen, pineapple, apple and pen. I’m curious to know the real meaning or message the man is trying to say or it literally for the viewer’s entertainment.

Ⓑ How is this video got a big attention? 

-For those who wanted a trillion of views on Youtube within a second, this video is the perfect guide for you.

➊ Write the lyrics for your song
– Maximum 3 sentences. It’s possible because you’ll repeat it until the end of your song.
– prepare your background music, either you make it yourself or by using the youtube library selection.

➋ Record yourself 
– note : make sure that you wear an outstanding outfit.
– note 2 : make sure that you already plan the way you dance. make it unique and different than usual.

➌ Upload on YouTube and share with everyone
– guarantee your video will be viral but make sure that you’re prepared with all those hate comments!

☞ I don’t know why aren’t people talking about this on WordPress. Tell me if you have any ideas what is the man’s message. That would be pretty interesting to know what are people’s thoughts. Comment your thoughts or any random things and see ya


35 thoughts on “pen pineapple apple pen // my thoughts

  1. Brookie

    its a message to tell us this is more hilarious than donald trump’s words.
    lol i was going on utube one September day, and i found that reaction time reacted to this weird looking man, and then i watched it, and i was laughing so much. then the next day my friend and i kept talking about it.

    *sigh* the things that happen overnight lol

    it was so fun while it lasted, but i keep on watching it over and over again xD


    I have a blogger, I have a pen, ERGH, blogger pen.
    I have a vlogger, I have a pen, ERGH vlogger pen.
    Blogger pen, vlogger pen, ERGH, Pen blogger vlogger pen.
    Pen blogger vlogger pen.
    *some weird alien ufo noise*

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    1. Pfshhh, yea.
      SAME things happens to me!!! I had never look at the viral thingy section on Youtube and somehow, on September I clicked it and I saw the PPAP video.At first, I was like “meh” and the next day, a lot of people making fun of the song and talk about the song non-stop and I freaked out.

      lol, that is actually quite random. Nice work xD

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  2. Okay be too. I watched it several times to see if there was really any thing of significance, but no.
    Since everyone said it was funny, I watched all over again, thinking I was probably missing something but nope. Didn’t crack a smile at all while watching it.
    As of now, I still don’t understand😓

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  3. Sara Kenneth

    Hahahhahahah !!!
    Don’t worry… This video has been trending even in my school… In fact my neighbour was the one who showed me this video….
    And me: 😐😯😯😐

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    1. Yeaaah, ikr!!!This video is really trending at every school all over the world!! Hhahha, we have the same reaction 😂 but the time I was watching the video, I don’t even know that it was actually trending!


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