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☞ Hey guys☻ I’m here again, with a super long interesting post. I’m super excited for this since this is a collab with Sasha, one of my best friend.  I and Sasha discussed this a month ago and we are finally finished. If you are reading this until the end, I really appreciate it because we made this only for your entertainment. I promise this is fun to read.


Sasha : Ok never have I ever … eaten a snail



( Comment down below if you have ever eaten a snail before 😛 ) 

Sasha :  Would you rather be able to drink only water for a year or drink only juice for a year ?

Farah: Water. Mainly because my throat will hurt when I drink too much sweet  😂

Sasha: Never have I ever tried to prank somebody and failed



Seriously,  I wanted prank my brothers with ghost and stuff but he laughs instead of screaming and scared

Sasha : Ooh really ?! I tried to prank my sister once and she figured it out almost immediately… 😂😂😂  would you rather … be a giraffe or a dinosaur?

Farah: giraffe. I can have a great view. Also, I can pick a fruit from the tree without any help 😂 

Sasha: Ohhh.. Good choice !!! And… the last question.. would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands ?

Farah: Ohh.. hard one. hmm.. I chose hands for feet. Idk why but I don’t want my feet to be my hands that gross 😆

Sasha: Yeah.. IKR !! Besides it would be easier to multi-task

Farah: would you rather eat chocolate forever or drink water only forever?

Sasha: oh that’s a good one ! Umm, I think I would probably choose water because I love water and…chocolate makes you thirsty after a while. I love chocolate too though

Farah: Never have I ever lie to my best friend

Sasha : l0nwx1vdivq4lun7a

Farah: Would you rather lick a worm or eat the soil?

Sasha: Both of them sound equally bad……I think I would probably lick the worm😂😂😂😂

Farah: Never have I ever pee in the pants that we’re wearing



Farah:Would you rather fail in the exam to meet the president or lie to our parents to become a king or queen?

Sasha : Fail the exam to meet the president. What about you ?

Farah: Same 😂 because I don’t want to lie to my parents and became rebellious child


So, basically, Sasha gave me 5 challenges and I gave Sasha 5 more challenges. If you want to know challenges that I gave Sasha, be sure to check it out on her blog 😀

Number 1

Tie your shoelaces together and try to walk. And tell me if you succeed because you deserve a gold medal 🎖

Farah: I tied it together and tried to walk. Yeah, I succeeded to move 40 times. I jump instead of walking. It went great until the moment I fell, hahaha. Seriously, my brother look at me since he’s curious to know what I’m doing. He laughs at me so hard when I fell with my face towards the floor.

Sasha: Ohh dear !! I’m so so sorry , I can’t believe you managed to move, though !! That’s amazing !! Sending you virtual gold medals 🎖

Number 2

Pretend you can’t speak English for half an hour

Farah : I did it and it goes like this

  • Me : *wave hand*
  • My mum:  hi.  Done your homework?
  • Me : *smile* *nod*
  • My mum: O..kay. Then, help me make the baby her milk. she’s thirsty.
  • Me: *smile* *thumbs up*
  • My mum : Are you okay? Why aren’t you speak?
  • Me: *nod* *IDK sign*
  • My mum : I think I taught you how to speak
  • Me : *nod*
  • My mum : Whatever, make the milk.

Sasha : Wow !!! You were really good !!  It’s really awesome, that you still managed to communicate 🙂

Number 3

Watch those try not to cry videos and send it to me ( also tell me your reaction )

Farah : I cried at 0:11. Literally, the opening and I already cried and created a waterfall. Argghh, her father tries to give her so much love but her daughter was just “ERGH” and being soo rude and 1:11. the moments when I cried so hard. Her father bought her a cake and her just literally being so evil. The girl doesn’t notice that her father has tried so many things to her happy but the only think she saw is her father is mute and different than others. Her father cried when his daughter has a serious disease.

Sasha : OMG !! Really ?!!! Are you okay ?

Farah :  and the father PRACTICE what he gonna say when her daughter arrived for her birthday surprise.  2:09 oh man, the music make me even sadder. Wait,is her daughter have a serious disease?  I think her daughter killed herself. Hmm.. yeah.  I guess I’m too sad until my mind has gone wrong. *try to smile*

Number 4

Dress up as a spy and ask your parents or your siblings if they have the secret package and insist on getting it

Farah : Hahaha, this one are the funniest one. I literally just wear a black shirt with black leggings and have a shirt that has been recycled to be my mask.  I asked my brother

my brother : huh? what are you wearing?

me : i’m a spy and I want the secret package to complete my mission

my brother : huh? what are you talking about? Are you has been possessed by the devil?


my brother : whatever. here you go *throw a scrap of paper toward me*

me: meh

Sasha : Haha … OMG, I can’t believe that actually happened ! 😂  😂

Number 5

Ooh the last one ! Ok….


Randomly start Juggling with some invisible balls

Farah : Anyways, I juggled the invisible balls and yeah, it turns out really great until my brother said “what are you doing?” and my mother walk in front of me and said ” wait, I think you need a ball then you can start practice juggling” While me, laughing non-stop.

Sasha : I couldn’t stop laughing after I read that !!!! Hehe… on the bright side you have amazing invisible ball juggling skills !! 🙂

☞ That’s all that we have ON MY BLOG. There’s more on Sasha’s blog which is right here.  You also could totally give me your thoughts about the Silence of Love video.  Comment your thoughts or anything down below and see ya


21 thoughts on “FUN STUFF w/ Sasha @TheStylishDreamer

    1. that made me so happy, mia 😃 Pfshh, really? I wondering, how is it actually tastes? Is the snail actually tastes pretty good? lol 😝

      I clicked on the link and it makes me gone CrAzY! Seriously, that is like my dream comes true 😂 I filled in the submission form thingy and I’m super sad that I don’t have twitter and facebook. I hope that you accept that 😭 Also, in the last entry, I accidentally clicked enter and I haven’t given you the link to my board of your pictures 😅 Here it is:
      (Seriously, hoping to win this giveaway 😝 )


      1. you know what it’s actually not that bad😂😂it’s just that it’s snails so it feels a bit wrong😭 and THANK YOU💞💞 GOOD LUCK! Of course I accept that; it’s totally fine darling 🙂 and thank you; I’ll update the entries for you! x


  1. I tried the 4th one bc it sounds fun. I dressed up as a spy, with a white shirt and a black jacket, black legging and black mask that I bought. With a really loud voice, I said, I’m agent 07 wanted my package in order to complete my mission. LOL my sister said “fudge you” at me. I think I deserve that bc I acted like crazy in front of her boyfriend.


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