Guys, we finally achieve it ☼


☞ Hey guys☻ I’ve noticed that even though I’m not posting for so long, my followers keep increasing every day which makes me super happy. The number of followers I have achieved is not 100, 200, 300,400 but it is 500 followers in total!

To celebrate this, I thinking about making challenges for you guys and the winner will be receiving presents or also known as prizes from me. I will put stuff that I think will suit you the most based on how did you complete the tasks that I gave you. You need to complete the task individually. Open for worldwide. I’m not sure yet about this, though but I will make more research about the postage. Once I complete my research, I will tell you either it going to happen or not.

BUT if you feel that you’re interested in joining this, you could comment down below and I will write down your name on the list. I will contact you to tell my decision and if you want to change your mind at the last minute, you could totally tell me about that.

☞That’s it. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya


60 thoughts on “Guys, we finally achieve it ☼

    1. Thank YOU very much, Maya!!
      WOOHOO *weirdo dance* 😂 😂
      Oh yeah! I will put up to 5 things in a box depends on the winner personality!! Oh, I haven’t told this on the post but the winner will be called Coffe (insert the winner gender) of the year!! I’ll put your name in the list right away!

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    1. Thank you, Hannah 😄
      Ahaha, really? That makes me happy!
      Oh, seriously, you literally need to complete the tasks that I gave you. That’s it. Others, I will tell you once I’ve finished my research and other stuff!

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    1. Thanks, Ava! 😄
      For real? Aww, I’m so happy to hear that😃 Third person are on the list! Ahaha, the tasks are on the between. It’s not that difficult and at the same time, it’s not that easy. But, honestly, at the end, it will worth it!

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    1. Halo, Esther! Thanks so much! I’d never expecting this much of followers, honestly.
      Oh, okay! 8th person is on the list!

      Well, it is basically a challenge and for the winner will got presents from me. The best part is the present will be chose based on how did you complete the tasks. Plus, for the participant who completed 3 or more challenges will get a prize from me too but not as special as the winner, though xD


  1. WOW! 🎉 500? THATS LIKE FAMOUS ON ANOTHER LEVEL! CONGRATULATIONS! I am still in awe of you amazing human!

    Oh, and count me in! Your contests are always such fun ( I ❤ CustoBlog)
    and this one sounds SO AMAZING! Can't wait to find out the details (and the prize 😀 )

    P.S I'm catching up. Nearly on 40o *wink, wink*
    P.P.S Ok, i admit i'm know where near as much as 500!


    1. Yeah! 500! Ahahaha 😂😂😂 Thank you! You’re such a lovely!
      Of course, why not? Ahaha, The winners of CustoBlog are always welcoming to another challenge from me! I can’t wait to see who won!
      Ahaha, yes! I need to do some research and then, we’re on!

      p.s Really?? Arghh!! Congrats on 400 followers!! You truly deserve it! You’ve got a bunch of helpful posts on your blog!
      p.p.s I think you’re near with 500!
      p.p.p.s (is that actually exist?) anyways, when are you going to make contests? *wink,wink*

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    1. WOOHOO!
      There’s already 10 people in the list including you! I’m gonna wait until we got 20 people in total! You could totally spread the word, Evelynn!

      So far, the challenge is going to be happen! Things left is plan out how,when and what are the challenge gonna be. Can’t wait!

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    1. Ahaha, yes. You’re my first supporter when I’m starting out my blog! You helped me a lot! Thanks, girl! Reaching 500 followers is like an impossible dream came true! I actually still can’t believe this 😭 I still remember when I have literally 6 followers and you’re one of them.


      12th person is on the list! The prize?
      Well, it based on who is the winner and how is the winner completed the tasks that I gave. If the person is more to a bookish stuff, definitely give them some things that related to books!


  2. Congrats!!!!!!! I can still remember the time when I followed you when I think you were at your 50+ or was it 90+ follower? Anyway…YOU REALLY DESERVE IT!!!!! I would love to participate in the challenge!!!! Bring it on!!!! XD


  3. Well this seems pretty interesting. 😉
    I would like to participate in your challenges, for at least once. And if it really would be that interesting, I might love to go with all your challenges! 🙂


    1. Aha, Idle is on! I hope that you actually found this challenge interesting!

      I promise you, your time and you hard work in completing the tasks, it will worth it at the end even though you’re not the winner!

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