If there’s no snow in winter 😉


smileOMG, Mom! It’s snow outside😱 “  

“I can’t wait to go outside and experience it!”

“I’ve been waiting for this for months”

“This is the happiest moment in my entire year!😭 “


“Dear, wake up! It’s already noon outside”  said mom

“Wait, What?”

“Where’s the snow?😵 “

Who’s here has been in this situation? Seriously, it broke my heart so badly. Alright, fine. That’s me, every day whenever it’s December😁  In my country, there’s no way snow is going to fall and brighten up kids childhood. It’s December and it’s hot outside. Watching snow falls in my country is like my impossible dream came true.

But now, I found the only solution for this! And it is 


Uhmm, yeahh but trust me, it works perfectly! It’s not the exact same thing as snow but still, the texture and the temperature are the same! Yesh, I’d never experience touching a snow before but I believe its cold, right?

The steps are 

  • Pour a glass of water on the inside layer of the diapers
  • Tear the thin layer of the inside layer of the diapers
  • Take the crystal thing under the thin layer that you has torn out.

With one diaper can fill in a big bowl with a bunch of crystal or also known as the fake snow that we are trying to achieve! Now, enjoy your snow with a big smile on your face. I tried it before and its cold, of course, and the texture felt so weird but its still fun to play with.

I actually wanted to make the Galaxy In A Jar which requires the crystal of the diaper. Well, there’s an excess of it and I thought that it would be a great substitute for snow! That’s why I shared it here.Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya!


26 thoughts on “If there’s no snow in winter 😉

  1. The snoring girl is a wonder and your idea, what to say, a greater wonder! 😀
    I cannot try this idea by myself (as I stay away from home, and so live without fridge 😀 ) but I am glad it worked out for you.
    Happy official winters. Though there is no sign of winters, even here, during day-time. Nights do give us a feel of being cold.

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  2. I love snow and winter months. I all love all the seasons and am lucky to live in a climate that experiences all of the seasons. It is very beautiful! We had snow earlier in the week and ran on Saturday, and since we had so much snow it allowed it to be snow on Christmas! I don’t know what it feels like to not have snow or cold or cool weather on Christmas. I hope you made the best of what you have and enjoyed the message of Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. 🙂

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