The Struggle To Keep Your Room Pretty

Hey guys. Do you ever feel the struggle of having an everyone dream room? For sure, I do. It’s the hardest thing to keep my room clean and stay in the theme that I’m trying to achieve!


➊ Have matching goods

I know that it’s hard to keep up with a specific theme for your room because the same thing happens to me tooπŸ˜… Mainly because it’s hard to find the goods that match with the theme on the store. It’s so frustrating! I’m trying to keep up with an aesthetic theme in my room but I guess, it doesn’t work well.


βž‹ Always in a rush

For real, I have always been in the “hurry up” situation. That’s why my room is always a big mess even though the 5 minutes before, I already clean it. Especially when it comes to applying makeupπŸ˜› Β If you walk into my room when I’m in a rush, you’ll see I keep throwing products here and there without clean them backΒ πŸ˜‚


➌ Procrastinate

Uhm, I procrastinate a lotπŸ˜… Β Almost most of the time. I knew that my room is a big mess and I want to clean it but unfortunately, I’m a huge procrastinator. Well, yeah, this one isn’t specifically a struggle but this is still one of the reasons, we couldn’t maintain an everyone’sΒ dream room!

All of above may irrelevant for you but these really happening to me all of the time.Β I can’t run away from the struggles. Β Raise your hand if it happens to you too πŸ™Œ Β  Could you keep your room clean and pretty? If yes, I would love to know how you did that! Hope that I’m not the only one. Comment your thoughts or anything and see ya!


33 thoughts on “The Struggle To Keep Your Room Pretty

  1. I actually raised my hand right now & got some weird looks (oops!) I’m a little bit of a clean freak but I can relate. Usually, i tidy everything up and then I need to do something really quickly so I end up messing everything up. I procastinate a lot too, HIGH FIVE!

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  2. SalmaAthirah

    This post is too true to not be true for me. 😁😁 I am more of a clean person but decor is not my thing! I always have messy bedroom whenever someone visit me. 😣😣 But my room looks tidy when someone dont even know…? Is it fate? Or its by accident? Im confused..😩

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  3. Procrastination, High Five.

    I clean my room, once in a blue moon. I do more messing up than cleaning at that time. Clean room and me are just not a thing. Thank god, my mom doesn’t stay with me, or else I would get a kick each day, and all her struggles to make the room neat would go to waste when I come back to my room. πŸ˜›

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