Things we miss about elementary school w/ Regina5000

Hey guys😄  Today post isn’t like the usual post which is all about me, talking about struggles and thoughts alone but today, I have a special guest with me to discuss our thoughts together! She is one of my favourite people, she writes incredible contents and she is Regina from her fabulous blog, Diversion3000!

Yeah, elementary school or should I say, the middle school sometimes could be a little boring and that kind of stuff but however, there are lots of things that we surely missed.

Farah says: 


  • Colouring

In elementary school, teachers will give us a colouring sheet that probably has a picture of hello kitty, a Disney character or should I say, any cartoon character that exists to be coloured. It’s a part of the daily routine if you’re an elementary student😅 To be honest, I’m enjoying the time of it because personally, it’s relaxing.Now, it is one of the impossible things to happen in the high school😕

Anna says: 


  • I miss playing at break

I think this is what most people say about this. Right now me and my friends play, of course, on the phone. Whether it’s that game called This Or That, playing Never Have I Ever… Those things are cool yeah, but I miss playing Hide and seek, going to the park and going down the slide, the swings… I don’t think about it all the time and it’s not that I really miss it, but It’ll be cool if one day we played those games again. Man, I’m 14! Am I too old yet? Nah I’m not!

Farah says: 

Good cat 👍
  • Minimal & Easy Homework

I bet that everyone agrees with me on this one. In my experience, in the elementary school, we hardly get a homework. If there’s actually one, the teachers will give us nothing more than 3 plus, it’s the easiest thing. Even it’s as easy as writing an alphabet, you still have someone to help you.While in the high school, you got ton of them🙃 😉  and when you didn’t finish it before the end due, you’re dead.

Anna says: 

  • Miss not using the phone when I was with my friends

Every time I hang out with my friends, one of us has to take out their phone whether cause we received a WhatsApp, or cause we wanna show a meme, a gif or a video, cause we wanna quickly check our insta feed… I don’t think we could maintain a normal conversation without or that doesn’t have to so with technology.

Sometimes it’s cool yeah, but it’s kinda sad to think about it. Like: Hey, have you watched the new Justin Bieber parody video? The new Donald Trump meme?

You reached the end of the post, but wait, there’s more on Regina’s blog! Regina posted more things that she missed in elementary school that consists more of our thoughts. Don’t forget to check her blog and show her some love😊   If you have more things that you missed, share it with us! Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya!

🌜 FarahEdz🌛


29 thoughts on “Things we miss about elementary school w/ Regina5000

  1. I agree with Anna about missing the times when we use to not have our phones out all the time. We use them now as an extra tool to talk to people. Although it isn’t a bad thing and I know people can still be with their friends without their phones, it’s just become a bad habit to have them all the time when you should be maintaining a verbal connection with those around you. People get into the conversation more when you’re giving them more attention and aren’t looking at your phone all the time.

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  3. Another thing I totally miss is crafts in class and quiet time! I loved making crafts for mothers day, fathers day, valentines day envelopes, saint Patrick’s day! We don’t even do that stuff any more I haven’t celebrated valentines day in school since 4th grade! Quiet time was awesome because we used to weave! You know, weaving where like you take some string and cut on the cardboard and make like a little patch or something that was great. I also loved prize baskets and earning ticket for doing good things. :(((

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  4. This was such a good post! Oh My God! I loved it so much & I have to agree with almost every single point! My blogging name is Smiling Dreamer, but my real name is Farah too! ❤️

    I just followed since I didn’t just fall in love with this post…but with your whole blog! 🙂 It’s brilliant! I’m still quite new to the blogging world, but I’m totally in love with it & made great friends! (Check out my blog – if you don’t mind) 😊

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