My Sleeping Routine

→  Hey guys ツ Sleeping, my favourite time of my life but however, it’s hard for me to sleep. I’ll need to be in these situations first. Everyone has a different sleeping routine but the majority of the teenagers will be experience the same thing as mine.



Can’t sleep

I usually sleep earlier because obviously, the next day is a typical school day but however, most of the time, my eyes aren’t sleepy yet. That means my sleeping time would be shorter than it should actually be.  Out of topic, but anyone here sleeping with someone else in the same room? Because I do, and there’s one moment where somehow, I jealous with everyone who already falls asleep while me, can’t even close my eyes🙄



Think about everything and anything

Uhh, I bet that I’m not the only one ( right? )  Alright, fine. Whenever I can’t sleep yet, I’ll think about what I’ll do tomorrow, blog posts ideas, and almost every single thing and perhaps to fall asleep.

//One Sunday Night// 


It happens to me. I was thinking of what I did at school on Friday and all that boring stuff and somehow, a clip of my teacher said “Submit your homework to me before Monday” came up. That is the point where I got a massive heart attack 😐



Can’t awake

After hours thinking and falling asleep without realizing it, I can’t wake up properly in the morning. I must have an annoying music in your alarm to wake me up. That’s why my face and a gorilla are same in the morning.

→  I appreciate if you’re reading this.I hope that you enjoy reading this and maybe, relate with some of these. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya.


30 thoughts on “My Sleeping Routine

  1. JazzyBlogs

    I relate with all of this! In fact, all of this happened to me last night when I was trying to get to sleep. It always feels like as soon as I fall asleep my annoying alarm wakes me up for school…😭

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  2. I can so relate to this. I’m all tired and as soon as I hit the bed, I’m so AWAKE! I think about the most random things and end up going to sleep so late!
    I almost laughed out loud about the Sunday one because it is has literally happened to me! You see, I go to bed. I’m literally closing my eyes (finally) and I’m like OMG WE HAD HWK! I have a panic attack turn on all the lights whilst an earthquake happens as I rush about trying to do everything!

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  3. Brookie

    All of this is LITERALLY, and I mean literally me.
    I can’t sleep because I’m not hyper, and I tend to do little things. I think about what I do while I’m in bed, too! I like planning ahead of time, that makes me have more memory.
    You aren’t the only one who sleeps with someone. *facepalm*. I.. share a room with my mom, sis, and brother. Our room is big, so…. yeah. I sleep with my sis in this queen sized bed, and my mom and brother sleep in a king sized bed. Alarms.. don’t even get me started. I sleep amazingly, and wake up to this song playing.

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    1. LOL, luckily I’m not the only one😅 😂 I know right, same! Idk why but somehow, it helps me to sleep (without even realising I already sleep) 😅
      Oh yeah, alarms are the annoying thing or whatsoever. Even we put our favourite song as the alarm music, we still get annoyed. 😬

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