Keeping a plant alive


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→  Hey guysツ I’m pretty sure that I’m not a professional plants keeper but even worse. As you know, I bought a cactus and obviously, it already dead which clearly make sense because I’d never keep any of my plants alive ever before. I know, I’m really bad at gardening. That’s why my room is full of fake flowers because I’d never try to learn how to keep up with plants ☻

➊ Procrastination

You got me. I’m a big procrastinator. It isn’t surprising at all. It’s typical of being procrastinating on everything. The same goes to the cactus. I plan to water them in the morning, right after I ate my delicious breakfast but however, I got lots of things to do rather than watering my cactus. At the end, I couldn’t make it happen.




➋ Keep Forgetting

It’s typical of keep forgetting and being senile even though I’m still young (I’m young, right?) Mainly because I’ve got lots of things to do such as sleeping, do the piles of homework, eating, watching youtube ( and study, of course ) until I forgot to take care of my responsibility which is the plant. Surprisingly, it happens every day.

➌ I’d never prioritize it

Uhh, I know. This is my fault. I’d never ever prioritize the task of taking care the plants I have. I don’t take them seriously. That’s one of my main reason why I couldn’t keep up with all of them ( which means one plant ) It’s easy to take care of a single cactus but I don’t even know why I couldn’t keep it alive.

Why I couldn’t keep a plant alive

ⓐ I’m lazy
ⓑ I don’t know anything about plants
ⓒ I never learn

→ That’s it for today. Think positive rather than negative. Learn how to take care of plants and remove the procrastination habit out of your life. Guarantee you’ll succeed. But however, I’m lazy to think and learn about plants so yeah🙄  Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya.


32 thoughts on “Keeping a plant alive

  1. Omg I suck at growing plants!! XD The last 2 times I had to grow a plant was in science class, I was the leader of my group the 2 times and both plants never grew out of the cotton. But still the hot teacher chose me twice which I appreciate!!! XD 😛
    Loved this post!! XD

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    1. Same😄 It reminds me of my last year project, growing plants using a specific method (and something like that) and failed😄 Omg, really? I’ve been wondering how the hot teacher look like😛 Glad to hear that😄

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      1. Omg plants are so complicated, I thought I’d be the only human being uncapable to grow them!! XD And really? He’s not only hot and stuff, he’s also beautiful in the inside, wish you could see him!! XD XD

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  2. Tip: Spray the stem leaves and flower petals with water to help them absorb moisture. Do you have one of those hair spray things that spray water? Like the ones form the salon? If so use that. Also remember to keep the flowers by the sun this makes a huge difference!! LOL everyone probably knows that but whatever! HA!

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