☾ Shoutout to my favourite bloggers ☽

☞  Hey guys☻Before I’ve reached hundreds of followers, I still have the opportunity to get to know with all of my followers but now, I couldn’t maintain the friendship between everyone that’s new. It’s hard to catch up with everyone and have a chat together. Maybe now, you could spend one minute to write a comment and tell me,

ⓐ what is your name
ⓑ  if you have any online messenger account for us to chat ( hangout, messenger etc. )
ⓒ tell me anything about you or anything

Simple, isn’t it? You also could reply to each other and make new friends and connections in this community.

The list of my favorite blogger

Unfortunately, I couldn’t include everyone in this post and some of you, I haven’t visited your blog yet so that’s why if your name isn’t in this list, you are allowed to promote your blog in the comment section below. 

Evelynn & Nathalia – give them some supports!

Couple of things // 

ⓐ I’m working on a youtube channel
– Maybe you could leave a subscribe and supports?
– Links : my youtube channel 

ⓑ I have a life blog where I write the specific daily of mine
-Links : i am a selcouth


44 thoughts on “☾ Shoutout to my favourite bloggers ☽

    1. Hello, Shania!
      Aha, yeah 😂 Most people didn’t know about that. Thank you, I appreciate it!
      Yes, I already have your email but thank you anyways!
      Also, ahh! I’m excited for the massive collab!


  1. Hi! My name is Megan… I don’t have any social media/chat accounts other than Twitter (@bookslayerReads) but feel free to add me!! Something about myself is… umm… I really don’t know… I have an 8 year old little boy who is the bestest little boy ever! And I love to read and blog, of course!

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    1. Hi, Megan!
      Unfortunately, I haven’t created a twitter account yet! Maybe I will in the future!
      I bet that you’re an awesome mom! I still remember, you ordered a copyright icon from me 😄 and honestly, i want to make a new one for you!

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  2. Hi Farah, thanks for adding me into your favorite blogger list. My name is Patricia Chew. I’m a nutty mom with two young daughters. I love coffee, cakes, nuts, cats, dogs, etc. I live in Petaling Jaya. Please drop me an email at newbloggycat@gmail.com Perhaps we could exchange numbers and keep in touch via whatsapp. Cheers, Pat _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

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  4. Thank you SO SO much for mentioning me in your list!!! You are one of my favorite bloggers and will always be one of my favorite bloggers! I found your blog when I first joined WordPress and I joined your contest and I immediately LOVED your blog!! It’s Amazing!! And so are you!


  5. Omg I just saw this post, I didn’t notice you posted this omg thank you so much for mentioning me, it really means a lot!!! XD XD
    Btw, I noticed you don’t have the like button thing on your blog, cause when I wanna click the button I can only do it from the reader. Weird 😛


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