I’m bad at posing in front of the camera

☞ Hey guys☻

ⓐ I’ll never be on the catwalk stage

I’m bad at posing especially in front of the camera. I hate the moment where I’ll need to smile ( and pose ). Because I know, the final result will look extremely bad. My smile is hard as a rock and my pose is awkward. Me being a fashion model will only be a fairy tale story that will never happen in the real life.




ⓑ No picture of me are allowed (except if it perfect)

I challenge you to find a picture of me on my computer. And nope, you will never find one. It will never happen. I’d never kept any of my pictures in any of my social media, computer desktop, or anywhere. It is hard to take pictures that I like (consist myself in it). That’s the only thing I hate about photography, taking pictures of myself. There are always things that make me dissatisfied with the picture.

ⓒ Practice makes perfect

That’s why I’d never take selfies. It’s based on a true story (my life, sadly). If you have the same problem, I suggest you learn and practice to pose and smile in front of the mirror. Find the pose that suits you the most. Unfortunately, I’ve got no time to do that (thanks to procrastination)

ⓓ “Yours never look bad”

Whenever I look at someone photos, it always looks perfect. It seems that they don’t care about how they will look in the picture. They’ll randomly smile and pose minimally whenever a camera comes to them. I don’t know how they did it but it seems easy to them. And I’m jealous.

“Mine is the worst while yours are perfect. ”
– FarahEdz’s situation

☞ That’s it. Believe me or not, I could write a book on this topic. I’m still hoping that I’m not the only one. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya.

Oh, and I made a twitter account for my blog! Anyone here have a twitter account, feel free to leave your account link down below!

L  I  N  K : https://twitter.com/farahedzua


27 thoughts on “I’m bad at posing in front of the camera

  1. Me too actually. I don’t like taking pictures and pretty much hard if someone asked for a selfie. Even now. However, I learned the art of ‘smile at the camera’. Eventually, I can act normal and smile on camera but still… I don’t like my picture taken.

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      1. You motivated me to get out of the dark box and learn how to look perfect in every picture. I bet it will take lots of practice (yes, smile and posing needs lots of practice ) but I think it is worth the time. Thank you for everything.

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  2. SalmaAthirah

    Hey..! You are definitely not aline. When somebody else is just randomly posing without plans for a picture, the result is unbelievably great. When I posed like I care about the picture result, it came out even worst than words can describe.

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  3. I don’t like taking pictures too. I look really bad when I do and all my friends are more photogenic. I know how you feel and you are not alone. At all. I’ve tried practicing my poses in the mirror but it hasn’t worked yet. I think I prefer selfies to someone else being the photographer. Even though my selfies can be really bad.

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  4. Soooo true omg!! My friends have the best smiles ever, they just casually pose for the camera and BOOM – amazing picture! Meanwhile I always look like I’m on the verge of throwing out a huge sneeze. I almost always crop myself out of the picture (with no shame lol). It’s OK, though, there are a special few photos that have you actually looking good – it just takes some time to find them. ;D Such a relatable post. <33

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