The recipe of me // tag


☞ Hey guys☻ This is an absolute hilarious. And a great way to get to know yourself. I saw this on Trish’s blog and I definitely need to take a part of this ↓

➊ Prepare a bowl
-make sure that it is unbreakable or it will make a huge mess if you accidentally drop it.

➋ Start off by add in a tablespoon of introvert
-note: make sure that the spoon is big enough to fit in your mouth.
-she is a quiet person, she don’t talk much in real life

➌ Add in equal parts of procaffeinating and procrastinating.
-note: make sure that it is three bowl of each ingredient. nothing more and nothing less. 
-she has an exception when it comes to writing posts

➍ Add 3 cups of alexithymia 

Difficulty describing feelings to other people
-alexithymia definition

-She isn’t the best when it comes to describing her feelings. You could see her crying but you didn’t know inside of her heart. She’s tough to be predicted.

➎ Add 5 cups of cats fur

omg, the cat tho.

➏ Stir everything together and set them aside

 Now, make the other mixture of her
-note: prepare a small bowl

ⓐ Start off by add in half of a cup of stubborn milk
-note: make sure that the milk is fresh.
-She’s a stubborn teenager who is still under control. 

➐ⓑ Add a tablespoon of sugar
-She isn’t that bad, she does have the sweet flavor. I admit, her smile is hard as a rock but I’m pretty sure that she sincere smiling.

➐ⓒ Add in a cup of awkwardness
-note: she’s really awkward

ⓓ Whisk everything together
-make sure that everything is perfectly combined. Otherwise, it will look imperfectly done. 

➒ Mix both of the mixture in a big bowl. 
-note: then, stir it with a whisk

➓ Put it in the oven for 30 minutes 
– and, let it cool for overnight since she’s still hot. 
-note: it’s easy for her to move on from the past and forget people mistakes on her but there is always an exception.

P  E  O  P  L  E

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☞That’s it for today. I hope you enjoy reading this.Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya.


35 thoughts on “The recipe of me // tag

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!
      As soon I saw this on Trisha Malone’s blog, I quickly open my blog and write a new post with the topic of this! Even though I’m not tagged by anyone😂😂
      If you do have time, feel free to do this too! I will add your name later!

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