“Happy Birthday To Me” sing me to myself.

Today: 26th February  

☞ Hey guys☻It’s scary to find out that you’re getting older each year. That means you are closer to your death on each birthday of yours! That is my situation right now. I’m in between of happy and scared.


ⓐHaving a chance of blowing the candles
-it happens once a year, you know
ⓑPeoples giving you presents
-like duh, who doesn’t like to have new things for free?
ⓒBeing the whole attention
-if you are having a gathering with your family, you’ll be the whole attention and no one will ignore you since they gather up because of you!


omg, the mug is too cute to be ignored



ⓐDeath are getting closer to catch you
-imagine it though 
ⓑWrinkles are all over your face soon!
-it honestly creeps me


♪♬ Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me ♬♪ sang Farah horribly.

I believe it is the 100th time you sang that, Farah.
Me: *staring with deadly eyes*


50 thoughts on ““Happy Birthday To Me” sing me to myself.

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  2. Happiest birthday to you! My religious ed teacher always tells the class to not worry about your death because it’s definitely going to happen one day so just enjoy right now and live a life you love!

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  3. Happy birthday! This is the first comment i have posted in months, I just, I just can’t do this anymore. I don’t even have time to even read a book. ( you think this is inappropriate but i hope this isn’t being offending or anything)

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