A.N.N.O.Y >.<

-jumps out from a silence corner with a sign stated ‘the disappeared bloggers’-

Unrelated GIFS #1

Hey guysツPretty sure, you are being annoyed with me as I kept being inactive for super duper long. From here, I could say that people did annoy another human being in any kind of way. Either its a small or big matter (mine is a big matter though .-.)

Lemme list up for you some of the annoying things that bother me c:

Unrelated GIFS [2]

➊Throw, miss and walk away

You know the moment when peoples were too lazy to walk even they were just 2CM AWAY from the trash can and they tried to throw it instead but it failed to get into the trash can. Then, they simply walked away like nothing happened .-. Either they were…

ⓐ too lazy to get it back and put it in politely or

ⓑtoo ashamed of themselves to bend their freaking knees and do the nicer version of what did they just failed to do 🙄

‘SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH’ it is our responsibility so don’t be selfish ;3

➋When your toe was attracted to the corner of da bed😐

Innocent human, woke up in the morning. Standing up, took a deep breath. Got into a problem, can’t open their eyes. Walk with a closed eyes, “OUCH”. I bet you could guess what happened after that😪  Ya know, the frustration (and pain🙃 ) you get when your toe got bash by the evil corners 😭


R.I.P hair ties

Once upon a time, another innocent human bought a bunch of beautiful hair ties to be used for her daily life. She was happy. Until one fine day, when she was desperate to use the hair ties she bought, THEY WERE ALL GONE WITHOUT ANY FOOTPRINTS😱😱😱
She screamed tragically. The end.

➍ The Express Counter

Situation : 

Amber is in a big HURRY. She’ll need to pick up one thing at the grocery to save her entire life from a nightmare [cliche’ eh?] Since she got only one item, she went to the express lane. She literally got no time left. Amber still have patient until she realized that THE PERSON IN FRONT OF HER OBVIOUSLY GOT NOTHING SEEMS LIKE FEWER THAN 10 ITEMS .-.


Oh well, that’s all for now. I might do the second part of this so, look out for that c: Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya!

p/s I SERIOUSLY MISSED ALL OF YOU T-T  and thanks Mahriya for spending ur time, checking on meh.


13 thoughts on “A.N.N.O.Y >.<

  1. YAY!!!! You are back!! I’m so sorry I’m so late by the way-I didn’t have much wifi so I couldn’t do anything 😦 -but anyway we aren’t annoyed with you haha…we all really missed you and I’m so so happy that you are back with another amazing post! 😍😍😊❤

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