About ‘The Girl’

→ I’m a teenage blogger with the name of FarahEdz. Or specifically, Farah Edzua.

I’m a coffee lover. Like srsly.

A magical subtance that turns “leave me alone or die” into “good morning, honey!”
– coffee definition [so true omggg]

Coffee isn’t only a drink for people to drink. It’s a liquid that smells like freshly ground heaven [inspired by google] It tastes super duper amazing. It would make me forget about everything that stresses me out [like school, duhh]

Fun fact, I always daydream to open a coffee shop or at least, a coffee bar of my own. Ya know, it feels great to see someone is drinking my coffee with a full of satisfaction and a big smile on their face. Like, woww. Even though I literally use a packet of instant coffee with added sugar and a hot water filled in the cup >.<

Cats are small domesticated furry mammal ; official supervisor of all things domestic and creative ; loving companion. ISNT IT? also inspired by google ofc.

am I right?

I’m going to assert that cats are deserved to be pampered. Give them foods, treat them well and make sure that they are happy. I hate the people who believe that black cats are bringing bad lucks. How would they believe a cuddly little black kitty is associated with evil? It is just myths ;p



25 thoughts on “About ‘The Girl’

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      1. No, although I don’t know why, I should…Anyways, I’ll definitely contact you sometime tomorrow about it! (it’s getting a bit late where I live right now, ahaha) It’s been great getting to know you and your blog today though!

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