Warning : this will be super long

A  B  O  U  T    M  E

I’m Farah Edzua, a coffee lover. I write about anything that I found interesting to be shared. I’m an introvert (for real) I’m also a cat person. And finally, I’m a huge procrastinatorツ

H  O  W     I    S  T  A  R  T  E  D   I  T

How I started my blog?
The question that has been asked for so many times. Because of my boredness, I started one. Cliche’ but it is true. Being an introvert in my room, scrolling down YouTube and thinking about my life (terrible) I decided to search the solution on Google (as usual) and now, I’m here☻

May 2016 : At first, I started one with Blogspot with the name of Farah Edzua (too normal) Actually, it is hard to think of a name for my blog (yup) I started to design my blog. And that’s the point where I familiarize myself with designing graphics. I started to learn more about them. And improve my skills.

A week later : I’m getting bored with my blog name, and that’s why I changed it to Teal Berrie. I know, it is a weird name. Honestly, I don’t know where it comes from. 4 days later, I changed it again into Lemonynade. Yes, there is lots of name changing here (and it doesn’t end yet)  I don’t know why I chose it. I don’t even love Lemon. But I ignored it, and continue using it.

Another week later : Honestly, being a blogger is tough. But I ignore it. I keep posting every single day with the topic of DIYs and How To. A month later, I’m confused. Why do I haven’t got any feedback from any of my posts? That’s the point where I realize my mistake. I don’t share my blog at all. Oops.

June 2016 : I felt like it hard to use Blogspot to gain followers. Blogspot seems outdated (seriously) And I migrated to WordPress. WordPress is 10 times better than Blogspot (yup) You know me. I changed my blog name again. But this time, I chose Perfect Spot (what a weird name) I’m thinking of making :

Perfect Spot for anyone who have a dream.

But it seems that it doesn’t match with my personality well.

July 2016 : I changed my blog again (the fifth time) And this time, I’m satisfied with it. It is what you are seeing now!

The Girl With Coffe share everything she sees

Being a blogger, the struggles is real


33 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog graphics are so amazing!All the little coffee images and I’m so jealous! Do you design them yourself?
    You already have lightened my day with your ‘Do not copy, protected by coffee’ sign, haha! I love the idea of your whole blog, statuses, coffee, random posts etc.. While your blog looks gorgeous, I need to explore your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I can tell you the secret actually xD Nah, nothing.. I don’t have any secrets to tell you..I just be me. xD Oh, I will send the Do Not Copy sign tonight or tomorrow. Look how it goes 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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