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Well, I’m not that good at art and stuff but at least I try~ Seriously, I love drawing but it just not my skills BUT we always can learn to be better. So, if you’re good at drawing and stuff, feel free to teach me! Seriously, that really helps me out~ Oh, if you want to share your masterpiece with others, email to and I’ll put it here!

Click on the sub thingy thing for all the posts about art that I’ve made!

Art Gallery


By: FarahEdz                                                          By: Kitty 

image (1)0004-farahedzs-drawing-request-by-claire-j-liEmilydraw- my profile picture

By: Itaruna                                        By: Inf                                    By: Emily




12 thoughts on “Art

  1. Nice – are you working in acrylics? and what are you painting on? I love to paint with watercolours on paper – although I have been very lazy lately with my painting 🙂 Thanks for visiting my place, it will be a pleasure to follow you. Kind regards, Andy

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