Horror myths that I’ve believed before (Thoughts)

☞ Hey guys☻ I haven’t posted anything for like, weeks! But now, I’m back with a new post to cheer you up! You know, those days where we imagine and thought that ghosts will grab you while sleeping, and all that myths. I’ve been there before and honestly, when I look back, it is kinda hilarious but still, could be acceptable ;-;


➊ Something inside the closet!

You are trying to sleep, and the only thing you could see if you open your eyes is the closet. You close your eyes, you open your eyes. And there’s one moment where you saw a ‘thing’ inside the closet! And it is moving! That is like a nightmare came true! If you are in that situation, what are you going to do? Comment down below!

➋ “There’s a hand, holding my feet, ahh!”

When I’m a kid, I always thought that there will be something grabs my feet if I leave it on top of my blanket instead of under it. Like, imagine if you are trying to sleep, looked down and there’s an unknown hand holding your feet! Omg, imagining it makes everything creepier.

➌ The wall is safer

For me, having my back facing the wall is much safer than facing the other side, where it is empty. And that means that something would be able to grab me. While the wall, nothing could be there! I feel like the wall is protecting me. I don’t know, it maybe just me.

➍ Who’s that walking across my back?

Just imagine if you are in front of your sink that has a mirror. You want to wash your face so you open the tap to allow the water to flow. You bowed your head to the water source and wash your face. And when you look back at the mirror, you saw a glimpse of a thing, walking across your back. Like, wth! 

I have to admit, I’ve watched lots of horror movies before but that doesn’t mean that I’m the only one who thought that, right? I hope I’m not! Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya! (I miss each of you, actually)


“Happy Birthday To Me” sing me to myself.

Today: 26th February  

☞ Hey guys☻It’s scary to find out that you’re getting older each year. That means you are closer to your death on each birthday of yours! That is my situation right now. I’m in between of happy and scared.


ⓐHaving a chance of blowing the candles
-it happens once a year, you know
ⓑPeoples giving you presents
-like duh, who doesn’t like to have new things for free?
ⓒBeing the whole attention
-if you are having a gathering with your family, you’ll be the whole attention and no one will ignore you since they gather up because of you!


omg, the mug is too cute to be ignored



ⓐDeath are getting closer to catch you
-imagine it though 
ⓑWrinkles are all over your face soon!
-it honestly creeps me


♪♬ Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me ♬♪ sang Farah horribly.

I believe it is the 100th time you sang that, Farah.
Me: *staring with deadly eyes*

My eyes are blurry ✯

☞ Hey guys☻My eyes are getting blurry. That means that I’ll need to wear glasses. At first, I’m shocked and panicked. But however, I’m not confused why do my eyes got a farsightedness.

➊ Laptop’s status : Never shut down

Everything is in my MacBook. Including my work, my notes, my entertainment and etc. That is one of the main reasons, I’d never leave my laptop. That means my eyes were looking at the bright screen for such a long time. And slowly, my eyes became blurry. Got my point here?

➋ Watched the tv with a close distance

Lately, I’ve been watching tv (yeah, I rarely watch tv). And there is a big mattress in front of it. You guess it right. I will lay down on it while watching the shows. But there is one problem with it, the mattress is right under the television.

☞ I don’t know either I will need to buy glasses or leave it as it is and eat vegetables. Could you help me with that? Or even you have another way to solve my eyes problems. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya

The recipe of me // tag


☞ Hey guys☻ This is an absolute hilarious. And a great way to get to know yourself. I saw this on Trish’s blog and I definitely need to take a part of this ↓

➊ Prepare a bowl
-make sure that it is unbreakable or it will make a huge mess if you accidentally drop it.

➋ Start off by add in a tablespoon of introvert
-note: make sure that the spoon is big enough to fit in your mouth.
-she is a quiet person, she don’t talk much in real life

➌ Add in equal parts of procaffeinating and procrastinating.
-note: make sure that it is three bowl of each ingredient. nothing more and nothing less. 
-she has an exception when it comes to writing posts

➍ Add 3 cups of alexithymia 

Difficulty describing feelings to other people
-alexithymia definition

-She isn’t the best when it comes to describing her feelings. You could see her crying but you didn’t know inside of her heart. She’s tough to be predicted.

➎ Add 5 cups of cats fur

omg, the cat tho.

➏ Stir everything together and set them aside

 Now, make the other mixture of her
-note: prepare a small bowl

ⓐ Start off by add in half of a cup of stubborn milk
-note: make sure that the milk is fresh.
-She’s a stubborn teenager who is still under control. 

➐ⓑ Add a tablespoon of sugar
-She isn’t that bad, she does have the sweet flavor. I admit, her smile is hard as a rock but I’m pretty sure that she sincere smiling.

➐ⓒ Add in a cup of awkwardness
-note: she’s really awkward

ⓓ Whisk everything together
-make sure that everything is perfectly combined. Otherwise, it will look imperfectly done. 

➒ Mix both of the mixture in a big bowl. 
-note: then, stir it with a whisk

➓ Put it in the oven for 30 minutes 
– and, let it cool for overnight since she’s still hot. 
-note: it’s easy for her to move on from the past and forget people mistakes on her but there is always an exception.

P  E  O  P  L  E

Sarah . The Stylish Dreamer  .  Mahriya . Blizz . The Average Gurl . xskynightingale . Kitty . Haru . Evelynn . Kai and you

☞That’s it for today. I hope you enjoy reading this.Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya.

Ways of making life more meaningful (1)

☞ Hey guys☻ I’m currently reading The Yellow World by Albert Espinosa and I’m loving it. The book taught me lots of things about life. It would be nice if I share the benefit with you. I decided to make this as a series since one point could take over 5 notebook pages!

➊ Ask 5 good questions every day

In life, not everything is clear. You may have something that you do not understand or you want to know. But most of the time, we forget about it and ends up leaving the questions without the answers. Life itself generates a huge number of questions. So, you could use this method to make sure that everything is answered. It would make your life feels more meaningful.

The steps are


1.Choose a color for your notebook

-The color has to have something to do with you. You may be confused with what color you should choose ( and so do I ) but you could solve it by looking at a box of felt tip pens/colored pencil and choose one to draw with; the one you choose will be your color.

2. Buy a notebook

-In the book, they said that we need to buy 10 of notebooks for every aspect in the world. But I prefer choosing one notebook and write every question from every aspect of my life.


3. Write down all your queries

-Everything you don’t understand, you want to know. Anything including your stupid, complicated, eternal and your practical queries. For an example,

Stupid Queries : How do people manage to get their hair looking nice?
Complicated Queries : Why does summer zoom by and winter drag on forever?
Eternal Queries : Who am I? Who do I want to be?
Practical Queries : How do you rent a light aeroplane?


4. Look for the person who probably has the answers

-Next to each question, you should write a possible candidate for the answer. Never leave this empty. Put someone down, even if you don’t yet know them personally. Even it’s someone famous, or invented or impossible.

5. Answer the questions

-Ask, absorb the answer and note down the queries that emerge you and ask again. The more queries you get answered, the better you’ll feel.

☞ Trust me, once you’ve got into it, you’ll become addicted to write in your mini notebook. I hope you found something new from this. 


What do you think of this? Do you think this will work with you? Will you recreate this? Are you interested in reading more of these? Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya.

I’m bad at posing in front of the camera

☞ Hey guys☻

ⓐ I’ll never be on the catwalk stage

I’m bad at posing especially in front of the camera. I hate the moment where I’ll need to smile ( and pose ). Because I know, the final result will look extremely bad. My smile is hard as a rock and my pose is awkward. Me being a fashion model will only be a fairy tale story that will never happen in the real life.




ⓑ No picture of me are allowed (except if it perfect)

I challenge you to find a picture of me on my computer. And nope, you will never find one. It will never happen. I’d never kept any of my pictures in any of my social media, computer desktop, or anywhere. It is hard to take pictures that I like (consist myself in it). That’s the only thing I hate about photography, taking pictures of myself. There are always things that make me dissatisfied with the picture.

ⓒ Practice makes perfect

That’s why I’d never take selfies. It’s based on a true story (my life, sadly). If you have the same problem, I suggest you learn and practice to pose and smile in front of the mirror. Find the pose that suits you the most. Unfortunately, I’ve got no time to do that (thanks to procrastination)

ⓓ “Yours never look bad”

Whenever I look at someone photos, it always looks perfect. It seems that they don’t care about how they will look in the picture. They’ll randomly smile and pose minimally whenever a camera comes to them. I don’t know how they did it but it seems easy to them. And I’m jealous.

“Mine is the worst while yours are perfect. ”
– FarahEdz’s situation

☞ That’s it. Believe me or not, I could write a book on this topic. I’m still hoping that I’m not the only one. Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya.

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