Bored Station

Hey there

Welcome to my Bored Station

Well, as you can see from the name ; Bored Station which means your hospital for your bored. I know this may sounds weird but somehow, I always felt that I need to have a bored healness and something in between. That’s why I made this station. This probably helps other people who bored or want to feel less bored. I hope that no one copy me or else, you’ll regret it “forever”.

For now, I have 4 stages. These are really interesting. They will make you less bored and without on purpose, you accidentally i know the way i use ‘accidentally’ make things weirder  wasting your precious time in your life to play this game or whatever you want to call it ;

The stages are

Stage 1  Click These!

Stage 2  We Challenge You

Stage 3  40 This or that poll

Stage 4  Secret Stage

You need to unlock the stage 4 to reveal the treasure or whatever. By that, you need to click >here< for the clues and stuff.

You can click on the sub-thingy thing to begin. Hey, I trust you. Don’t skip a single stage or else, you’re lying to yourself. Anyways, let the station begin by clicking the image of the panda below (i freakin love panda ) 



Hah, you can’t click the picture or image ;-; I just *cough* messing around with you 😛



☛ Leave your thoughts ☚

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