Click These

Hey there

Welcome to stage one 

am I right? because I kinda forgot 😛

You need to click on these link and have “fun”. Have 10 of them and more will be coming soon. Yeah, I hope it will be coming soon because I don’t know if I have enough time to update this stuff but I have a good news. I’ll ask my friend to handle it. Say Hi to the creepy clown! Hey. *creepy face*

Do not Click! 

LunchTimers ~ You can play it online!


Code Academy

Name Combiner


Maze Game~ It really fun to play!

Draw a stick man

Chat with … 

What wrong with this room~ You need to click a furniture to reveal the secret treasure! You probably get Itunes/Amazon Gift Card!

Make sure to click all of them. I trust you. *creepy face* Comment down below what your thought and remember don’t tell anyone if you find ‘something’! (You need to click every single link! ) Share this with your friends if you think this “awesome”! Got it? Awesome. Get me on the wrong way. Again, *creepy face*








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