Graphic Design Maker

β†’ Hey there! Yes, I’m opening an online shop. I’m in love with designing graphics but however, I still need to practice my skills. That’s why I offer you a custom graphic and a full revamp for your blog. If you’re interested, you could email or fill in the form below.

Maybe you’re curious how is my designing style. I’ve designed a couple of graphics and full revamp.

Full Blog Revamp




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It’s free but I ask you one thing, please credit me on your blog.Either on your sidebar, your page or your post. Thank you for requesting me graphics. We’ll get in touch soon within 48 hours.


14 thoughts on “Graphic Design Maker

      LOL, but seriously i’m excited πŸ™‚
      Wait, you requested me 2 days ago. I’m so sorry, I have been busy this week. I will try my best to finish your header πŸ™‚ THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!

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      1. Aww, thanks! No rush at all. I just moved blogs, though (#awkward) so if you didn’t make it yet, you don’t have to (I certainly don’t want you to have to do unnecessary work!). Quick question though: what is the name of the font that you used in your current header for the words “girl” and “coffe”? It looks so cool!


  1. Requested again ;-; You don’t have to do this request though since your probably busy with things and this might be a bother. Just do it if your really bored and have nothing else better to do hehe…

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