Hey there! We need YOU to be one of our sparkle authors!

You can be our Fantage Reporter! It would be fun! You just need to post everything about Fantage like events,giveaway,tips and trick or whatever you want and be creative! We also can be friends!

Q : Yes, I would love to be sparkle authors! but.. HOW?

A: To be hired you just need to:

  • comment your name
  • email
  • how many posts will you post a week
  • your website URL (if you have one)

and I would love to invite you in! but if have more than one person want this job, I don’t promise you’ll in.. SORRY!

and make sure you LOVE FANTAGE because you gonna be working with it a lot!

Do more of what makes you SPARKLE,

signature_1signature_1 (1)GSG




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