We Challenge you

Welcome to the second stage of bored station! Without further due, let’s get started!

You need to complete all the challenge given. It not necessary to do but you wanna get rid of your bored, right? You just need to complete 10 task! It easy peasy lemon squeezy!

  1. It the time to give your pets some love! Find a pet that have fur and play with it for 5 minutes. Don’t have pet? Just skip this. LOL
  2. Try different recipe of slime and post it on your blog (if you have one). If you don’t have blog, just comment your email down below and I will invite you to write a post about your experiment!
  3. Play board or card game with your family or friend until you win the game.
  4. Play slither.io and get minimum 2000 mass, screenshot it and email it to farahedzua@gmail.com and you will have a chance to win a big giveaway!
  5. If you have a blog, edit your blog and publish a post! Doesn’t have a blog? Let’s chat on hangout and be friends!
  6. Go outside and play badminton with your friends! Raining or hot outside? Call,message,explore new blogs and make new friends!
  7. Make a party on fantage! Invite minimum 5 people!
  8. Watch 10 of NigaHiga youtube video! Make sure it funny!!
  9. Make a gift for your best friends! Need some ideas? Click this!
  10. Give me some ideas to make my blog more fun! Just comment it down below and I would love to reply.

It easy, right? So let’s move on to the next stage! See you there!



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